Inside Out (2015)

Here’s one that has been out for a couple of weeks that I finally had the chance to see. I love the characters that are inside my head! We meet Riley (Kaitlyn Dias), a very happy twelve-year-old girl who was really enjoying her childhood while living in Minnesota. Her father ends up having to move them all to San Fransico because of work and this really makes Riley very upset. This is a very tough transition for Riley and she has the help of five emotions in her head get her through this tough time. The first emotion is Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Anger (Lewis Black) and Joy (Amy Poehler).  Joy is the one who pretty much has all the control of Riley. Things start getting out of control when Sadness starts touching all the happy memories that Riley has, which makes them sad memories now. This now makes Riley a very unhappy and mean person. It is now up to Joy to fix the emotions that Riley has and make her the nice and sweet, little girl that she used to be.

First off, I always thought this was going to be a really good movie. I thought the premise was really interesting and it caught my attention as soon as I found out about this coming out. The past few years haven’t exactly been Pixar’s best, but with Inside Out, they absolutely crushed it. This is one of the best Pixar films I think I have ever seen and there are plenty of great ones out there. This movie is just something that not only kids will love, but adults will equally enjoy this as well. This was just a very good movie that is often sad, happy and funny. Some of the people in the theater actually had tears in their eyes while watching this movie. It is just really nice to see that Pixar is finally back in action with good movies.

The voices in this are great. I have always loved Amy Poehler and I knew she was going to be great in this. Lewis Black was terrific in this. I have always liked Lewis Black because I think he has the perfect voice for comedy and he showed his true Anger in Inside Out. Bill Hader is someone who is just really funny. He kind of plays a similar character in a lot of his movies, but he never fails to disappoint or make me laugh, so I think that he was the right man to choose for the voice of Fear. Phyllis Smith is someone I like at times, but also dislike at the same time. I thought she was really good in The Office, but she never really impresses me in anything else. I will say that she did a really good job with this one and I was happy she was chosen.

I just really like all of the messages that this movie tries to get across. It really makes you think and appreciate life more. I really think that Pixar delivered very strongly with this film and it has turned into what is probably the best film of 2015 thus far. This actually may be the best Pixar film that has ever been made. It is incredibly smart and they do a great job of allowing you to feel all of the emotions that you see in the movie. Inside Out is just an original and new movie that leaves you in complete satisfaction. I left the theater more than impressed with this one and I think this is a movie that everyone can go see and will absolutely enjoy.

Overall, Inside Out is a movie that is just non-stop fun and entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. If you haven’t seen this one yet, do not hesitate to go to the theatre and see it.

Grade= A (Excellent! A Must See!)


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