The Gallows (2015)

Here’s a new horror movie that was just released I have been looking forward to seeing. Beatrice High School is putting on a play of “The Gallows.” After something goes horribly wrong with a noose, young Charlie Grimille is tragically killed. This happened while the play was actually being performed for a live audience. No we skip twenty years and the school feels that they want to resurrect the show and honor Charlie by putting on the show and making it a masterpiece. The problem is that drama became a requirement in high school this year and the cast is pretty terrible. Reese and Ryan (Reese Houser and Ryan Shoos) are high school jocks that have roles in the play and they decide that they want to break into the school and destroy the set the night before production. Little did they know that Beatrice High School is haunted by Charlie Grimille.

Where to start with this one? I am a very big fan of horror movies so keep that in mind. The most important thing to know about this movie is that it will definitely scare you with all the bumps and jumps it gives you. I did, however, think that all the scares were absolutely predictable. The best thing about this is that even though you were expecting the scare to come, they usually came right when you expected it and it still scared the hell out of you. I know that filming movies from the first person camera are now pretty common in horror films, but there is something about The Gallows that was a lot different. They weren’t trying to capture anything paranormal on camera.

The acting we see in The Gallows is a lot of people I have never heard of before this movie. For what appeared to be the first major role they had, I can’t really find all that much to complain about. I think that horror movies often cast new actors like that. It is very common to see that in new horror flicks. Directors, Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing really did a good job with their first horror film. Films involving paranormal things and hauntings are definitely my favorite and generally the more scary types horror films and I think this was definitely a nice start for them as horror directors and I definitely would like to see some more from them. While this may not have been a perfect horror movie, I still feel as if there are good things ahead for these two.

The Gallows is definitely not in the same league as films like Paranormal Activity, but it definitely will scare you. I just really thought this was an interesting story even though it was disgraceful of the High School to put on that play. My main problem with this movie is that even with all the scares and jumpy scenes, it started to get very dull towards the end and really never goes anywhere. I do not really think they were aiming to make a movie that was going to win some awards, but a movie that would just scare the audience. If that was the case, then job well done. I would definitely like to see some better writing with this one. I do, however, think that this is a movie that makes a fun experience to see in theaters.

Overall, The Gallows is not a movie that you will think is all that great, but for horror fans out there, it is something you will enjoy and get very scared.

Grade= C (Okay)



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