Self/Less (2015)

Here’s one that just came out yesterday that I was able to check out. Billionaire Damian Hall (Ben Kingsley) is one of the most richest men on the planet. He seems to have the perfect life and not a worry in the world because of the fact that he has all this money. He does, hover, have a pretty bad relationship with his daughter, Claire (Michelle Dockery). Damian is currently suffering from something that will take his life very quickly: cancer. Because Damian has all this money, he finds someone who get give him “shedding,” which means that his consciousness will be transferred to another body. After the procedure is finished, Damian, who is now called Edward (Ryan Reynolds), is now walking the streets of New Orleans. It turns out that this new body is from someone who had a whole life before he donated the body and Damian starts to have flash backs and see what kind of life this guy actually had.

I do not really trust Ryan Reynolds movies. I never have and probably never will again after sitting through what felt like four hours of a boring movie with poor writing and bad directing. Self/Less is a movie that I never really want to watch again. I found myself bored throughout the entire film and nothing about it excited me or made me enthused in the least bit. I just thought that this would be a movie that turned out to be awesome because of the premise, but I was absolutely wrong again and I feel as if I wasted my time with this one. The first twenty minutes were pretty cool, but the movie went absolutely nowhere and even when it tried, it started to make no sense and just get completely over-the-top.

As I mentioned earlier, Ryan Reynolds is someone who I do not really trust in the acting world. He never really shows me he is capable of playing a big character in a serious drama or an action film. He was nothing but a disappointment in this film and I think it would have turned out a little better if someone else was casted. My biggest issue with Ben Kingsley is that he is only in this movie for about 10 minutes. They made him out to be this huge character and he is barely in it. With all the actors involved, I just think that there are way too many dull and bad performances. This movie should have been a lot smarter than it actually was and I couldn’t find one smart thing about it.

Self/Less is the type of movie that you can’t wait for it to come out because the idea behind it is so cool and fascinating, but it leaves you with complete disappointment because of poor writing and terrible acting. These are the two main issues I found with this movie. This could have been an awesome action/thriller, but it doesn’t know which one it wants to be and gets caught up taking the audience in all types of different directions that are hard to follow. There was just really nothing that was intelligent with this movie at all and there was nothing really enjoyable for me. This is one I do not recommend and if you want to check it out, then do so at your own risk, but prepared for boredom and disappointment.

Overall, Self/Less is a movie that could have been a lot better than it was. There is some poor acting and writing in this movie. Even though there is an interesting plot, the movie fails.

Grade= D (Bad)


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