Foo Fighters Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, NJ

Well, it’s been nearly four years since I have last seen my favorite band and they absolutely made this show worth the wait! I was really nervous Dave Grohl was going to cancel this show because a few weeks back he fell off stage and broke his leg. Surely enough, Grohl decided that the Foo Fighters would not cancel any tour dates. Dave played in what appeared to be a massive thrown surrounded by loads of guitars and amplifiers throughout the whole show. He told the audience we were seeing, “Some Game Of Thrones Shit!” The way they came out was just unbelievable. The curtain was dropped and they jumped right into playing “Everlong,” which was then followed by “Monkey Wrench.” They definitely wasted no time and wanted the crowd to understand that this was going to be an awesome rock and roll show.

Foo Fighters are the type of band that like to make sure the crowd leaves talking about their show for the next ten years. They never want to see someone disappointed in the audience. The setlist was pretty unbelievable and I really would not have changed much. Even the new songs they played were great. Before closing the show with “Best Of You,” we heard the Foo’s do some covers of Queen’s, “Under Pressure” and Faces, “Stay With Me.” Hearing those two songs were actually pretty awesome and I hope they are two that are played on every single tour date. I do, however, wish that they mixed up their setlist every show. This is something I really wish a lot more bands did. Even though I knew what I was going to hear, the show was still awesome in every way.

This was the second time I have seen the Foo Fighters and I really think this may have actually been better. I was very nervous going into this show because it was at the Susquehanna Bank Center. The sound quality there is usually pretty terrible and I was really hoping to see them again indoors, but I was completely wrong. I have never been to a concert that loud outside before. It was just a really memorable night and it is really always a pleasure to see those guys rock on stage. The show was almost three hours long and you never wanted it to end. I could have kept listening to them play all night and it wouldn’t bother me at all. Tomorrow night they are back at Susquehanna Bank Center for one more show in the Philadelphia area. This is something I highly recommend going to see.

Overall, the Foo Fighters provided an awesome night of tailgating, loud music and constant singing. If you have the opportunity to see these guys soon, I absolutely suggest you do.

Concert Rating: 10/10



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