Slap Shot (1977)

Here’s one that has been out for a very long time that I watched the other day. In Charlestown, there is a local Mill that helps support the Chrlestown Chiefs hockey team and that is about to shut down. The Chiefs really relied on the Mill to help because the team basically stinks and cannot rely on ticket sales to stay as a team or in Charlestown. After having a miserable record for years,it turns out that this will be the last season for the Chiefs. Player and coach, Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman) will do anything it takes to make sure that a Charlestown Chief’s still exist as a team. Some big moves are made for the team. They sign three brothers: Jeff, Steve and Jack Hanson (Jeff Carlson, Steve Carlson and David Hanson). These Hanson’s turn out to play very dirty and horribly violent. This attracts a large crowd to all future Chief’s games and now they may actually have a shot of staying a team.

First off, Slap Shot will forever go down as one of the greatest sports movies ever. It is not only funny as hell, but it tells a greats story of how a team makes a dramatic transformation and becomes the greatest team in the Federal League. The whole entire movie is completely over-the-top and absolutely ridiculous, but I love everything about it. This is a great comedy that will have everyone laughing whether you like hockey or not. Slap Shot is the type of comedy that demands you watch it over and over again. This movie reminds us what old-time hockey is really about. This is easily the best sports comedy I have ever see. This is just an outrageously funny comedy that reminds us that all sports are not played with everybody being, “buddy buddy.”

The acting in Slap Shot is more than good, it’s fantastic. Paul Newman was absolutely incredible playing Reggie Dunlop. I even thought Andrew Duncan was great as Jim Carr. And how could I ever leave out Dave “The Killer,” played by Jerry Houser. All the performances involved with this movie is just some of the funniest acting I have ever seen. The Hanson brothers are hands down the greatest scene stealers in this movie. Every scene that has the three of them in it are easily the funniest scenes of the movie. When first watching this movie, you would never think that those three were going to give the ridiculously funniest performances that they did. This is definitely some of my favorite comedy acting in movies.

Slap Shot is just one of those movies that is your go-to comedies that you can watch anytime you are in the mood to laugh your ass off. Director, George Roy Hill definitely deserves a lot of credit for what he did with Slap Shot. This is a comedy that you will always want to watch. There are so many goofy and dull comedies out there that are occasionally funny and with Slap Shot, we get a lot more than that. We get a movie that tells a cool and fun story with good acting and hilarious, violent scenes. There is even a good soundtrack that goes with this movie that I listen to sometimes. This is just one of the most memorable comedies that has me and my father quoting lines all the time. “Dave’s a Killer!”

Overall, Slap Shot provides tons of fun, entertainment and humor for anyone that is in the mood for having a good laugh. This is definitely one you will want to check out at some point. It can also teach you a thing or two about how hockey is meant to be played.

Grade= A (Excellent! A Must See!)


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