Dope (2015)

Malcolm (Shameik Moore) is a High School senior that is trying to get his life in the right direction and start planning his future while starting college soon. He wants to get out of his neighborhood and do some bigger and better things with his life. Malcolm hangs around with his two, nerdy best friends, Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) and Jib (Tony Revolon). Things start to get crazy when he is at a party with his friends and he accidentally picks up a bag that looks exactly like his. The problem is that there are drugs and a gun in the bag he picked up. He took this bag from big-time drug dealer, Dom (A$AP Rocky). Dom now needs Malcolm to take the bag to someone who can handle it and bail him out of jail. Another problem is that Malcolm has some dangerous people after him and will have a tough time getting out of this situation.

First off, I have to say that I am pretty shocked by the way this movie turned out. I really enjoyed this one and I think it was an all-around solid movie. This movie gave us a lot of laughs and a very interesting story about a young teenager in a tough neighborhood looking for a way out and getting stuck in the middle of some nonsense. I even thought the cultural trends we see in this movie are pretty cool. You see all different kinds of this throughout the entire movie. While it started to drag on a little bit, there are still so many things that make this movie really enjoyable. It hardly ever gets dull and every puzzle piece starts to come together perfectly and give us something that everyone can enjoy.

I really enjoyed the acting in this movie because I did not really know much of them and I thought they showed the audience that they are really capable of some good acting. I really think that everyone was a lot of fun to watch and never bored me for one minute. While the movie may have felt like it drug on for a little while, I still think that all the acting was pretty solid and they never made me lose interest at all. I really like what was done with Dope and I feel like the director, Rick Famuyiwa really wanted us to be interested in Malcolm. I just really think that everyone exceeded my expectations and this was a job well-done with the cast.

There was a lot about Dope that really surprised me. Even though this movie dealt a lot with drugs and dealers, I still think that there was a heartfelt message behind this with some great humor. There was definitely tons of humor in this that really made me laugh. This is really a movie that some people should check out. I think it can teach people a lot and it is also just a pretty solid movie overall that really entertains and humors you. This is a movie that deserves more credit than it is getting and I highly recommend going to see this one while you still have the chance and do not have to wait for the DVD release.

Overall, Dope may drag on a tad bit and start to get a little over-the-top by the end, but it still provides a good movie watching experience with a really cool story.

Grade= B 


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