Vacation (2015)

Why can’t people just leave classic movies alone and accept the fact that the original will never be topped? Many years after the original family trip to Walley World, grown up Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) wants to take his family there and remember how great of a time he had on his trip there when he was young. He surprises his wife, Debbie (Christina Applegate) and their two children with a long road trip like his father did for him. Rusty and the rest of the Griswold’s pack up the car and hit the road for what will be a very long road trip. They are in desperate need of some family bonding and Rusty feels this is the best way to get it done. What is supposed to be a fun bonding trip turns into nothing but a nightmare.

Remakes can sometimes work out successfully, but Vacation absolutely drowns. I did not really find all that much about this movie that I liked or even enjoyed. It did give me the occasional chuckle, but as I expected, it was one of the most disappointing remakes I have seen. Like the original film, everything about this is over-the-top, but the original actually pulled that off and that is now known as a classic film. With the new Vacation, it will be very easy to forget about it. They relied way too much on the original film for a lot and I think that is why I didn’t like it. It’s very easy to see when a movie is made just for strictly cash and not for people to enjoy. This is something that is going to do great at the box office because people love the original.

The acting in this is probably the best thing about this and it is the reason why this movie was not a complete travesty. You see some occasionally funny performances from Ed Helms and Charlie Day in this, but even with funny and entertaining performances like that, the movie still fails and doesn’t do anything for me. Let’s just be real for a quick second people. This does not even come close to how good the first one was. I thought it would ruin the first one for me, but I had to immediately watch that after seeing this because it just put me in a bad mood. I am pretty surprised that there was even a remake of this movie. There was already four films to follow the original and we see how only two of them worked out.

As I said earlier, this movie is only made to be a money-maker. I highly doubt this is one that can be enjoyed by people because it is very un-entertaining. The few laughs you have cannot even help someone say this was a good movie. If people think this was good, then they all must think Vegas Vacation was a masterpiece. I was more bored and annoyed with this movie than anything else. It just felt like it was dragging on the whole time and nothing was really going anywhere. It really was pretty much the same as the first film. He takes his family to Walley World and he has all these troubles on the way and then when they get there it is all not worth the trip. This is one I definitely do not recommend going to see in theaters. Hell, I’d just skip it all together if I were you!

Overall, Vacation does nothing to impress or even humor its audience. This is not a very good comedy and not one of the better remakes that you will see. There was too much relied on the original film.

Grade= D (Bad)



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