Billy Joel Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia, PA (2015)

And for the second year in a row, Billy comes back stronger than ever! I was lucky enough to spend this past Thursday night with Billy Joel and his band. Billy came around to Philadelphia last year and he decided to do it this year as well. I think he wants to go around to all different cities and break all these records for most performances by an artist. That is completely fine with me. He is someone I can definitely say I will go see every time he is in my city. Seeing Billy Joel is pretty hard to put into words. He has an unbelievable stage presence and has the crowd singing the entire show. Billy played all the songs you would want to hear and then some. The best part about this is that even though Billy is sixty-six years old, he still sounds as good as ever. I don’t think he has lost a thing.

The day before the concert, Billy’s wife gave birth to their newborn daughter and that really had him energetic throughout the entire show. You could tell it wasn’t an ordinary show for him and that he was very happy. I knew immediately that this was going to be an awesome show because he played “Big Shot” and “My Life” right off the bat. Out of the three times I have seen Billy live, I can easily say that this was the best show i have seen him play. He played non-stop for 150 minutes. Usually he plays for two hours, but this time he wanted to do a longer set with some interesting songs, like “No Mans Land” and also “An Innocent Man.” These are songs he does not usually perform and I was glad he did. I love when artists try to add some new songs to the normal setlist.

Billy still played all the major hits you would want to hear and he even played “Captain Jack,” which had the place erupting when he finished. The crowd was completely in sync when they were singing his songs. Even songs like “The Ballad Of Billy The Kid” had the crowd going crazy. The whole show was just incredible and easily one of the best concerts I have attended. The whole show was very entertaining from start to finish. If Billy comes around to your area in the near future, he is definitely someone you will want to go see. Trust me, it is definitely worth it!

Overall, Billy Joel gave an incredible performance in Philadelphia this past Thursday. It was a great evening of tailgating, singing and all-around fun for everyone. Billy Joel is someone who I will always see as long as he tours. I definitely can’t wait to see if he comes next year!

Concert Rating: 10/10


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