Van Halen Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, New Jersey

Anyone in the mood to “Jump?” Here’s a band that just might make you do that. Thursday, August 27th, the Susquehanna Bank Center had Van Halen playing a show there. They performed to what appeared to be a nearly sold out crowd. Before the show, I definitely had many doubts and concerns about what to expect, given the fact that David Lee Roth is not the David Lee Roth that we all once knew as an awesome singer. He has definitely gone down hill over the last decade or so, but Van Halen came out louder, bigger and badder than almost any band I have seen.They played for just over two hours and never took one break. That’s pretty rare to see in bands when everyone besides Wolfgang is almost seventy. While this was not by any means the greatest rock and roll show I have seen, it definitely had me more satisfied than not.

You could tell from the first few songs of the evening that this tour was really for the fans. They played a very interesting set that I really could not find all that much to complain about. They played songs from “Dance The Night Away” to “Ice Cream Man.” Every song had the crowd on their feet singing and dancing. There have been recent articles that have said that as usual, David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen were having issues again. Isn’t this one we’ve never heard before? To be truly honest, you would never be able to tell because on stage they looked like they were having a ball together. But honestly, who knows what the future will hold for this band? Before we know it we may have another Van Hagar reunion. Wouldn’t that be nice?

All joking aside about the arrogance of this band, they did indeed put on a kick-ass rock show that I enjoyed thoroughly. Eddie, Alex and Wolfy sounded awesome and even despite Roth’s ability to be a powerhouse vocalist, he still brought the crowd down and charmed them with his ridiculous charisma and moves that were similar to Mick Jagger’s. If you are a fan of rock and roll or just a fan of awesome music in general, then this is definitely a show that you will want to check out before they stop touring. If Van Halen are in your area in the near future, I highly suggest you check them out.

Overall, Van Halen definitely charmed the crowd with awesome instrumentals, loudness and regardless of what the world says, some decent vocals. This was definitely one of the better shows I have attended recently.

Concert Rating: 8/10


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