A Walk In The Woods (2015)

This is probably going to be me in about forty years. When big time writer, Bill Bryson (Robert Redford) decides that he has to try something different with his life, his wife, Catherine (Emma Thompson) thinks that it is a very bad idea. Bryson wants to go out and walk the entire Appalachian Mountains Trail, which turns out to be over 2,000 miles. The problem is, he cannot find anyone to do this with him. The most obvious reason is because he is an older man and this is something that people of his age should not be doing. This is when his long-lost old friend, Stephen (Nick Nolte) gives him a call and asks if he can come along. Bryson and Stephen have lost touch over the years due to the fact that Stephen is a drunk, slob and all-around lazy person. Do Bryson and Stephen have enough energy left in them for one more adventure together?

A Walk In The Woods is a movie that I have been looking forward to seeing for a short while now. Yes, my expectations for a movie like this were relatively low, but I can say that I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. I thought this was a really nice and heartfelt story about he reconnection of two old friends and how they can make it work to get along the way they used to. This was just a movie that had two really good actors and provided 90 minutes of humor and entertainment. While this movie is nowhere near perfect, you still feel someway about it that puts you at ease. Yes, the movie was dumb as can be and nothing about it was all that interesting, but it does give you quite a bit of laughs.

The acting in this movie is as good as you would have predicted. It was really delightful to see Robert Redford and Nick Nolte in action with each other. That is what really saved this movie from being bad. The performances that these two give are fantastic, especially the performance we see from Nolte. Seeing these two work together was a real treat and they killed it. While Nick Nolte provided us with more laughs, we still see a really good performance from Robert Redford. Nick Nolte played your typical, funny guy who was the better character out of the two. What could have just been a simple and family comedy turned into a laugh-out-loud cursing movie with Nick Nolte.

While I think this is a movie that almost anyone can enjoy, it will definitely have much more of an older crowd just because of the actors. I also think this movie was definitely at its best when it became more of a serious drama between the two in pursuit of getting their friendship back in order. I know it sounds like I am giving this movie very high praise, but that is really not the case. While it definitely had awesome performances and a lot of laughs, it still lacked in so many ways. All you get from this movie is two veteran actors that work well together and that’s it. Having said that, it is still a movie I suggest you check out at some point, but there is really no rush to see it in theaters.

Overall, A Walk In The Woods succeeds because of two veteran actors that proved they can still do what they do best. I would not say this was great by any means, but it is still one that can be enjoyed by people.

Grade= C (Okay)


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