Queen Of Earth (2015)

Who would have thought this was the next step for Peggy Olson? Two close friends who have parted ways for a while, Catherine (Elizabeth Moss) and Ginny (Katharine Waterston) take a little vacation for a week to Ginnys family vacation home. The point of the trip is to try to get back the friendship that the two of them once had together. What starts out as a great week for the two of them quickly turns into a nightmare. Catherine starts doing some odd and strange things that make Ginny very uncomfortable. There is clearly something wrong with Catherine because she is constantly lashing out at people during normal conversation and she is constantly talking to herself. Even when Ginny invites some friends over to the house it is always an episode with Catherine. It is clear that she is going through some mental problems and nobody is going to let her ruin their week of fun and enjoyment.

Queen Of Earth is a movie that is very strange and disturbing at times, but it is damn good at the same time. This is just a very deep movie that gets incredibly dark at times. Out of all the psychological thrillers that are out there I think that this is one of the better one’s. I think a lot of the credit for this movie should first go to the director, Alex Ross Perry. He went very deep with this movie and turned it into what appears to be a thriller, but is not labeled as a thriller. Even though this movie is not labeled as a thriller, at times it definitely has one feeling like it is and it is filled with a lot of heart racing scenes. This is a very unpleasant, but interesting and compelling movie to watch.

Besides the great writing and directing of this movie, I think it is safe to say that this movie is definitely a home run because of the outstanding performance Elizabeth Moss. This is a role that we have never seen Moss take on before. For the past eight years, we have all been used to seeing Moss play Peggy Olson on AMCs, Mad Men. Moss takes us on a disturbing and heartbreaking journey and absolutely kills it. A lot of people will probably have a lot of hype about her performance, but I also think that Katharine Waterston delivered a terrific performance. In this movie, it takes two to tango and with the two of them together, we as the audience see some of the best performances of the year so far.

Queen Of Earth may sound like a movie you really do not want to watch and think that you may be creeped out. The answer to that is yes, you probably will be disturbed and creeped out at times, but there is much more to this movie then that. This is an excellent adaptation of feeling bad for someone, but it is filled with excellent psychodrama. This is a tough one to really explain how good it actually is, but know that if you decide to see this movie that you will absolutely not be disappointed with anything. This is one that I highly recommend you go check out and enjoy.

Overall, Queen Of Earth tells a compelling and feel-bad story that has some of the best acting you will see along with top-notch directing followed by incredible writing.

Grade= A 


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