Counting Crows Borgata Festival Park Atlantic City, New Jersey

Yes, Mr. Jones came and he struck up a conversation. On Saturday, September 5, the Counting Crows played a sold out show at the newest venue that the Borgata has to offer, the Festival Park. It has been a long while since I’ve seen a Counting Crows show and I must say that they did not disappoint. They play in Atlantic City once a year. I think this is something they really like doing because they can get fans from all over to come and see them. The opening act was Citizen Cope. I did not go into the venue to see them perform because I had little to no interest in them. Once I got in there for the Counting Crows the crowd was more than ready after sitting through that band. I then knew that this was going to be a great night and that I was in for a good show.

One of the main things that the Counting Crows do for each show is switch up their setlist. This is something that you know I am a huge fan of. There at a point in their career where they can play anything and the crowd will still love it. They do not have to limit themselves to strictly playing “Mr. Jones” and “Round Here.” “Mr. Jones” was played that night, but it is not every show they decide to play it. They came out in full blast with playing a major hit of theirs in a slower rendition, “Rain King.” This really got everyone going and then it just pretty much went from there. There was however, one major concern with this show.

The thing about Adam Duritz is that he changes the way he sings each song and it never sounds like the album version. A lot of people have issues with this, but I loved it and I thought he sounded awesome. My only major concern with this show is that there were too many people who were probably given tickets from the casino in exchange for them dumping $50,000 in the slot machines. These are people who aren’t really fans and are just at the show because they had free tickets and I think it kind of brought the crowd down a little. I also do not think it was loud enough to be truly honest. They decided to do their cover of “Friend Of The Devil,” which is originally by The Grateful Dead and it without a doubt was my favorite moment of the show.

Overall, The Counting Crows put on a show that was fun, entertaining and had you singing throughout. They are a band who will always be around and if they are in your are, you should definitely check them out sometime.

Concert Rating: 7/10


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