Mistress America (2015)

A college freshman, Tracy (Lola Kirke) is just starting her college career and she is really trying to find out what she wants out of life. She has always wanted to be a writer, but that isn’t really working out for her because she cannot get accepted into the writers group at her school. Another problem is that she really does not have any friends where she is and she spends countless days and nights not interacting with people and not going to hang out with anybody. One day Tracy decides to call up her soon-to-be-step-sister, Brooke (Greta Gerwig) to hang out because they live in the same city. Brooke is nothing like Tracy expected her to be. She is a lot of fun and always enjoys going out to different places. They start to form a real friendship and after a while things start to unfold that were never seen by Tracy about Brooke. She may have a side to her that isn’t all that fun and interesting.

I did not have all that much interest going into this movie, but I thought I would give it a shot. I left this just as disappointed as I thought I would. There was really nothing interesting, let alone funny about this movie. I felt that it was completely boring and even though it was not a very long movie, I feel like it did nothing except drag on throughout. The main issue with this movie is that it takes a very good concept and goes absolutely nowhere with it. All of the characters were incredibly annoying and not likable in the least bit. This was a very nice story and director, Noah Baumbach seemed like he rushed into everything and nothing was really all that thought out.

The acting in this movie is something else I had a big problem with. I did not think that Lola Kirke was good. She made me angry and got on my nerves the whole movie. I am not quite sure if it is the acting that really had me upset over this movie, but that definitely did not help at all. Also, Greta Gerwig was even worse. She played an annoying character who I was never able to like or even think she was somewhat believable. She played a crazy girl who always had to try different things because everything she did in life never worked out for her and she did nothing, but annoy me. This should have had two versatile characters and they casted the wrong girls for this film.

Mistress America is trying way too hard and boy do we know it. It tries so hard, but still fails miserably at entertaining us or catching our interest. For what was supposed to be a light comedy, I think I laughed maybe once and I may just be a little generous in saying that. It was not funny in the least bit. The whole entire film is just incredibly boring and unnecessary. This is a movie that I do not recommend you go see for many reasons that I can keep rambling on about, but just trust me on this one that it is an uninteresting waste of time. You will absolutely regret it if you take the time to see this movie.

Overall, Mistress America disappoints in way too many ways and leaves you bored, unpleasant and annoyed. There was nothing good about this movie and is filled with sloppy writing, acting and directing. This is one you can absolutely skip on watching.

Grade= D



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