Cop Car (2015)

What a crazy one this was! Two young boys, Travis (James Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford) are running away from home because like all young kids, is something they think they can do no problem. While walking through an empty field, they come across what appears to be an abandoned cop car. After finding keys to the car, Travis and Harrison decide to be sneaky and take this car for a quick ride. After they taught themselves how to drive, they decide to take this baby out on the road. Eventually though, the sheriff (Kevin Bacon) whose car that actually is, decides to go looking for it. He doesn’t just call this again because there are things in that car that could end up putting him in jail. He would not want anyone to be able to see what it is in has in that trunk, especially two young kids. The sheriff decides to track down these kids and get the car back before they find what is in the trunk. The problem is, they end up looking in the trunk and what they discover is horrible and could end up getting them killed.

This has been a movie that came out a little while ago that I finally saw and I am so glad i did. This movie was absolutely awesome. This will definitely be one of my favorite thrillers of the year and I will stand by that. This was directed by Jon Watts and he absolutely killed it. I loved every minute of this movie. It is not very long at all and the only thing you want is for the stories to keep going. This just seemed way too easy for a movie and they absolutely pulled it off. There is really nothing that is wrong with this. It’s short and a hell of a lot of fun. That is what is so surprising about this movie. They throw a lot of stuff in the mix of this 90 minute movie and every second of it is great.

Jon Watts is going to be doing the reboot of Spider-Man. After seeing Cop Car, I am more than excited to see what he does with such a great franchise. Watts just completely made me a huge fan by this movie. I think what he did here with this movie is unbelievable. Even the acting we see in this movie is great. I think Kevin Bacon gives an outstanding performance as the Sheriff in town, who plays a drunk and drug addict who has a lot of sketchy things going on in his life. I think that this was his best performance since Mystic River. He has not been in all that much in the past few years and I think that is going to seriously change starting now. He was just unbelievable in this movie.

This movie kind of reminded me of Stand By Me a tad bit and I am happy it did because that is one of my favorite movies of all time. I could definitely see some sort of connection between the two and maybe that is what the inspiration for Watts was. Whatever it is, let’s just hope we see some more movies from him in the near future that are like this. Cop Car is a movie that will have your nerves shot because you don’t know what to expect next. It takes you into two different directions throughout the entire movie and both of them are excellent stories. We have the Sheriff trying to get his car back and then the boys joyride around with a stolen cop car that has  something in the trunk. If this is a movie you were hesitant of seeing, please don’t be. This is a chilling thriller that will do nothing but surprise you, but in a good way.

Overall, Cop Car is the kind of thriller that everyone has been waiting for. It’s short and damn-near-perfect. With a fantastic performance from Bacon, solid writing and directing, Cop Car turns into a must see thriller.

Grade= A



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