The Green Inferno (2015)

New York college freshman, Justine (Lorenza Izzo) wants to do something in life where she can make a difference. While trying to find herself in life, she meets a student activist named Alejandro (Ariel Levy). After attending one of the student meetings, Justine decides to help Alejandro on the next project he is running, which is to save the amazon. After almost being killed in the process, on the way home their plane crashes and kills many of the people on the plane except for about seven people. While everyone is now on their own and they cannot find anything to get a signal out to the world, they are captured by a group of hungry cannibals that are slowly eating the survivors one by one.

This is another one of Eli Roth’s films and oh boy does he let you know it! I don’t know how many of you are familiar with his work in directing, but I will tell you that every movie he makes is absolutely disgusting. You definitely may find your head in a trash can after watching one of his flicks. What he does with The Green Inferno is make you absolutely disgusted and then times that by ten. Just when you think he can’t top the gruesome scenes in his movies, he does it bigger and harder in this one. Having said all that, the movie is pretty horrendous as well. It’s a shame that Roth really did not try to go for scares in this movie. I left feeling like I completely wasted my time and I wasn’t even remotely scared from what was supposed to be a horrifying movie.

The acting in this movie is god-awful, as well as the writing. I know that when movies like this are made, you aren’t going to have someone like Leonardo DiCaprio star in it, but it seems like they just got whoever they could out of Hollywood that didn’t know the first thing when it comes to being an actor. I don’t mean to completely take everything out on the cast, but there was nothing at all that I liked about this movie and it makes me very mad. I have been known to enjoy some of Eli Roth’s films, but I feel that with this one, he really did not go for the scares and all he wanted to do was disgust you and make you laugh. I really was just not impressed in the slightest bit and I feel that he can do some better work than this.

I cannot stress enough that in order to watch this film, you absolutely must not have a weak stomach. As you know that this is what he is known for, he just takes it to a whole other level. This movie was scheduled to come out a while back and it never did. I wonder now if that reason is because the movie itself is so bad. It wouldn’t shock me if that was the reason, but this movie was absolutely not worth the wait. Even if you are a fan of what Roth does, I don’t even think it is possible for you to appreciate anything he does with this movie. The Green Inferno is unfortunately nothing to get your hopes up about and will leave you very angry by how bad it actually is.

Overall, The Green Inferno is a downright disgusting, poorly written and directed movie that is nothing less than a trainwreck of a film. Eli Roth fans: I am sorry you will be so disappointed by what he does with this one.

Grade= D


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