Pixels (2015)

Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) is the kind of guy who lives a very depressing life. He doesn’t really do all that much with his life because he is single, works as an electronic repairman and isn’t all that good at anything. He can, however, beat anybody at old-time video games. His best friend, Will Cooper (Kevin James) turns out to be the President of the United States. One day, Sam’s life starts to change because he is needed by Will to do a huge government operation: stop video game characters from attacking America. Will chose Sam because he was the best at video games as a kid and he is truly the only one who will be able to stop these characters. With the help of fellow gamer, Ludlow (Josh Gad), the two of them are now responsible for stopping these video game characters and saving the United States.

This has been a movie that I’ve been putting off seeing. I did not feel there was a rush, given the last few years of Sandler’s career. Anybody who knows him can make the assumption that this would be a bad movie, and that is a very fair assumption. However, I have to see I was pretty shocked by how good this actually was. No, it was definitely not a great movie, but it was not bad at all. I could not believe that this is actually a somewhat enjoyable movie. The world see’s this as a god-awful movie, but I definitely don’t. This is one that I really enjoyed and thought was a pretty decent movie. I am just too surpassed by the fact that as dumb as this movie sounds, Sandler actually pulled it off.

The acting throughout the entire movie is very goofy, but there is still something that you enjoy from all of them, especially Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister. He definitely plays a pretty ridiculous character, but because I am a Game Of Thrones fan, I really enjoyed him being in this movie. Even Adam Sandler gave a lot of laughs in this movie and for the longest time you thought that guy lost all ounces of humor that he has left in him. The funniest guy, hands down in this movie was Josh Gad. I really like him and I think that guy has a lot of great humor and there is a lot funny about him, besides his appearance. And last but not least, Kevin James entertains you in this as well.

For such a cast of this generations misfit actors, they do not disappoint you at all. I just really think this was a lot of fun and deserves more credit than it is getting. I understand why people would think this was so bad. I was definitely one of you going into this movie, but after watching it, it leaves you more entertained than you thought. I know it sounds like I think this is the greatest movie ever, which is definitely not the case. I just think this movie is one of Sandler’s best in the past few years. Even if he has to limit himself do doing goofy roles like this, he can at least make sure they are entertaining, and he definitely does that with Pixels.

Overall, Pixels is a really entertaining and quite funny movie that can be enjoyed by everybody, Do not be nervous about the cast because I promise you that this is definitely mildly enjoyable.

Grade= B


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