Halloween (1978)

Here’s the first one to kick off the horror movie reviews leading up to Halloween! On the chilly night of Halloween in 1963, six-year-old Michael Myers (Will Sandin) murders his older sister, Judith (Sandy Johnson). He was sentenced and locked away for the rest of his life and was kept under the watch of Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence). On the night before Halloween in 1978, Michael steals a car and breaks out of Smith’s Grove. He returns to his old-town of Haddonfield, Illinois where he is in search of his next victims, but most importantly to find his baby sister, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Dr. Loomis knows exactly where he is headed and he does everything in his power to alert people and to let everyone know that if they do not capture Michael, that Halloween night will be a complete bloodbath in Haddonfield.

How can you go wrong with this movie? In my opinion, this is an absolute classic horror film. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this. While many people may not be fans of the slasher horror genre, I think it is safe to say that everyone can agree that this is an outstanding film. I am a huge fan of old-time horror movies and this may be the best one from back in the day. Out of all the slasher films, this is definitely my favorite movie. This whole entire movie has such a strong horrific atmosphere that it’s unbelievable. Your heart will race for this entire movie whether you like it or not. it’s terrifying, chilling and downright excellent. Just be ready for what one of the greatest horror directors, John Carpenter brings you.

The acting in this movie is top-notch. How can we not love the performance that we see from Donald Pleasence in this? He is incredible in this movie and I absolutely love him playing this role. I just can’t picture anyone else playing this character because Pleasence shows us how good he could be and that nobody else was meant to play this role. And how can I forget about Jamie Lee Curtis? This was her very first movie as an actress and she absolutely kills it. I think it is safe to say that Curtis and Pleasence are what make this movie great and not good. Besides it being a vert smart horror film and absolutely terrifying, the acting we see from these two is what really shapes this into a stand-out horror film.

It was pretty clear what John Carpenter wanted to do with this film and he absolutely accomplished his goal. Everything about this movie worked and there was nothing that I would do to change it. For someone as big of a horror movie fan as I am, you know that it is hard to come by an outstanding horror flick. The thing about Halloween is that it turns into one of your favorite movies of all time. Even the theme song of this movie is incredibly chilling and creepy, but you can’t help but love it. I think that this movie really sets the standard for what you look for in a slasher film, and even a horror movie in general for that matter. There is just really nothing to complain about because this movie is an instant horror classic that demands uncountable viewings.

Overall, Halloween is the go-to horror film that everyone absolutely adores. With great performances, outstanding writing and non-stop fear, Halloween is a film that you must see if you want to know what a good horror film is.

Grade= A


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