Creep (2015)

Aspiring film-maker, Aaron (Patrick Brice) is willing to take any amount of work in the field as he can because things aren’t really going according to plan as he thought they would. Things start to finally look better for Aaron when he gets a phone call from someone looking for a film-maker. Aaron is very excited because this could finally be his opportunity to make some money and do what he loves. When a man named Josef (Mark Duplass) wants to have a film made for his son because he is dying of cancer, Aaron jumps all over this. He wants his son to see things that he did and show him how great of a guy he was. Aaron has to film his every move for a few days. After things start to get a tad weird, Aaron ends up in something that he never expected and yes, it is definitely creepy.

This is a movie that I have been looking forward to for quite sometime and oh boy was it worth it. I love horror movies and I am often a fan of the found-footage genre, even though it has not been all that great the past few years. With Creep, it definitely was the right move. I think that this being a found-footage film made it so much better. I know the name of this movie is Creep, but the movie was definitely creepy. Everything about this film has you nervous, worried and scared. I think this is a very smart horror flick that takes everyone by surprise. For something that doesn’t seem like it would be all that scary, it definitely is. This is just so incredibly disturbing and I love it.

The acting in this is great. The whole entire movie is just these two guys and nobody else. I’ve always been a fan of Mark Duplass and I think he’s always done great work. In Creep, you see just how good he actually is and he gives probably the best role of his career so far. As far as Patrick Brice goes, I have not seen The Overnight, but I hear he is excellent in that. I’ll tell you what, after watching Creep, I can’t say I’m surprised. He played the concerned and “creeped” out guy in this that didn’t know whether or not to feel safe or unbelievably concerned. The two of them together were just great in this and I loved them. They were extremely believable and that’s what the best thing about them was.

Creep is the kind of smart horror film that takes everybody by surprise. I had no idea that this was going to be as good as it was and it turned out to be my favorite horror film of the year, behind It Follows. This has been an unbelievable year for the horror genre and Creep just adds on to the greatness of this year. The greatest thing about this movie is that it definitely proves that with such a small budget, you can make wonders out of what you have to work with. And that’s exactly what Creep does. With only two people, a small budget and great people behind it, Creep proves to be the horror film that will have everyone loving it. This is definitely one I recommend for all you horror fans because you will be overly impressed.

Overall, Creep is the kind of horror movie that you want to see because it’s incredibly smart, and an absolute clever found-footage movie that will have you entertained, scared and intrigued. Two thumbs way up from me!

Grade= A 


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