The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) is an FBI trainee in the academy and she just so happens to be one of the best ones in her class. Big time agent and professor in the academy, Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn) has a huge case that he is trying to solve and he needs the help of Clarice to solve it. Dr. Crawford wants Clarice to travel to a prison to pay a little visit to one of the best psychiatrists ever, who is also a madman, Hannibal Lector (Anthony Hopkins). Dr. Lector is serving a life sentence because he was found murdering people and also being a cannibal. Crawford believes that with sending a young, attractive female to interview him, he will tell her things about an old patient of his, who is the person they are trying to find and arrest.

I sure as hell hope I’m not the only one saying this, but The Silence Of The Lambs is easily one of the best films ever made. I absolutely love everything about this film and I can’t possibly be the only one. This is a damn-near-perfect film and you absolutely cannot get enough of it. It is one of the most chilling and tense films I have ever seen. Not to mention, it is incredibly disturbing. This whole entire movie is filled with intensity like you would never believe, but it is also remarkable at the same time. I really can’t recommend this movie enough. It is easily one of my favorite films and if you are in the mood for a good scare and some disturbing sequences, The Silence Of The Lambs is a movie that is for you.

The acting we see in this movie is absolutely incredible. Anthony Hopkins is the one to look out for with this movie. Hopkins gives what is most definitely the best performance of his career as Hannibal Lector. Hopkins is always known for his terrific performances in movies, but in The Silence of The Lambs, he gives his most breathtaking performance ever. Even Jodie Foster is fantastic in this. I feel like she gets a really bad rep and nobody really likes her as an actress, but she is absolutely phenomenal in this. Hopkins and Foster absolutely deserved their Oscar wins for this movie and there is no doubt about that. This is one of those, you need to see the movie to understand why I am hyping them up so much.

If you are a fan of suspenseful and thrilling movies, The Silence Of The Lambs is one that you absolutely have to see. This is a superbly outstanding picture that deserved every single award it won. The writing and directing for this movie is some of the best I have ever seen. I absolutely loved the screenplay of this movie. I think the writing was incredibly smart. This movie offered everything you would want to see from a thriller. And the fact that it is a psychological thriller makes it so much better. You see how well Lector is able to get inside ones head and it’s unbelievable. As I said, I can;t stress enough that this is a movie that you want and have to see.

Overall, The Silence Of The Lambs is a non-stop tense thriller that does nothing except blow you away the throughout the entire film. With great acting, writing and directing, The Silence Of The Lambs is a winner.

Grade= A



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