Hall and Oates The Fillmore Philadelphia, PA

And to kick off the very first show at this new venue, who better than Philadelphia’s own, Hall & Oates. It was clear the audience was eager to get inside and check this new place out, but also eager to see one of the most well-known duo’s ever. I arrived about an hour prior to showtime so I was able to walk around and see what this new venue had to offer. Even though the Electric Factory is easily one of Philadelphia’s most well-known venues, I think it is safe to say that The Fillmore will now give it a run for its money. More and more acts are going to want to perform at The Fillmore, not only because of the size, but the cleanliness and beauty that it has to offer everybody. Not to mention that there is about six bars that are scattered throughout the place.

After much time of scoping the place out, it was time to see the show and Hall & Oates came out with a full swing, opening up with the crowd favorite, “Maneater.” The crowd was filled with all ages from young to old and I think the reason for this was mostly because of the grand opening of the venue. Yes, I think we can all agree that Hall & Oates has definitely lost a lot of their following over the years, they still put on a great show that was enjoyed by everyone there. They played for nearly two hours and it was fun throughout. The band has not played in Philadelphia in a few years and Philly gave them a nice welcome when they first came out.

Hall and Oates are clearly a band where everybody knows their songs and you cannot help but sing along to them. They made sure they covered all of the songs that the world knows and my favorite part about the show was that they even decided to throw in a few songs that maybe not everybody does know. Songs like “You’ve lost That Lovin Feeling” were the best ones I thought were performed. As a fan of music and concerts, I love when bands decide to switch things up and bring the lesser known songs into their setlist because it shows when a lot of people actually know those songs. As I often believe, bands like that have nothing else to prove.

Overall, Hall & Oates put on a very enjoyable show that consisted of much singing, dancing and entertainment. They are a band I really recommend going to see and hope I can check them out again next time they come back to Philadelphia. The Fillmore is also the newest and greatest venue that Philly has to offer. That is something else I would go check out as well. The sound quality is superb.

Concert Rating: 9/10


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