Sinister (2012)

True-cime writer, Ellison Oswald (Ethan Hawke) is a struggling writer who has not had a bestseller in the past ten years. Eager to get back on the map and do what he does best, Ellison decides to start writing a book that will absolutely make him have a best seller again. Ellison specializes in writing books that have horrible murder stories. He wants to try to solve a mystery. He has been pretty successful in the past with this and police departments do not necessarily like him because he makes them look bad. Ellison and his family move in to the house where an awful tragedy has occurred and he does not tell his family about it. After finding some found footage, Ellison quickly learns that there may be a supernatural force that is in their house and it could be fatal to his entire family.

Sinister is another film that is good to get the Halloween mood started. This is an incredibly creepy film that is filled with terror and will have you jumping though out the entire film. I really enjoyed the story that his film told and how scary it actually was. When I first saw this I was extremely skeptical on whether or not it would be a huge bust or if it could actually be pulled off and be an enjoyable horror flick. I know that it is very common now that we see a horror film that revolves around a supernatural force, but this one did it a little different and actually told an interesting story, rather than just another movie about a house that is haunted. Sinister exceeds what was expected from it.

The acting in Sinister is where the major weak points show. I felt that Ethan Hawke was as good as Ethan Hawke always is, but the rest of the cast were pretty horrendous. There was just no believable performances and it was all sloppy ad goofy acting. For a movie that needs you to actually show you are frightened in your own home, I did not feel that anybody really showed or expressed their fears. Even though the acting was not all that great, the movie itself still worked because it told a great story that was interesting. If the acting was better, I think that this movie would have been even better than it was, but what can you do?

Sinister is a very smart and scary horror film. Nothing more and nothing less. I really like to watch this one around Halloween and I hope you do too. If you are someone who likes to turn out the lights and sit back and be scared, then this os one that you should definitely check out. It does however, have an extremely predictable ending, but that doesn’t matter. It is still a movie that you can enjoy and find very scary. Sinister is an authentic horror movie that does well with what it has. All I wish this movie had is a better cast, besides Ethan Hawke. Sinister is still able to provide the entertainment and terror that you would want out of a horror movie.

Overall, besides a disappointing cast, Sinister does everything in can to keep you entertained and frightened and it does well with that. This is one I definitely recommend to all horror fans.

Grade= B



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