Steve Jobs (2015)

Here’s another one with potential and probable Oscar nominations. With the public anticipation running high, Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender), is ready to unveil the very first Apple Macintosh in 1984. Even with all of this happening, Jobs has a lot of personal issues that he is also dealing with. His ex-girlfriend, Chrisann (Katherine Waterston) is constantly hounding him for some child support because she claims he is the father of her daughter, Lisa (Mackenzie Moss). Jobs assistant, Joanna (Kate Winslet) is by his side with everything he is doing and boy does he need it. After the Macintosh fails, Jobs is eventually fired from Apple and creates NeXt inc. in 1988. After the NeXt product fails as well, Jobs finds himself back with Apple ten years later and is ready to unveil the very first iMac and the rest is history from there.

Steve Jobs is a movie that I have been very excited to see, not only because it is surely up for a few Oscars, but also because I knew it would tell a great story. Surely enough, I was absolutely right. I think most of the credit goes to Aaron Sorkin. His script is absolutely incredible and from what I have seen so far, he absolutely deserves the Oscar. Steve Jobs is more than just a biopic because of the way the film goes. It transitions to all of the inventions that Jobs had. Everything about this movie just seemed a lot more creative than any normal biopic and this has easily been one of my favorites this year. This film was two hours and I honestly could have sat through more. This movie absolutely shocked me with how terrific it was.

The acting that this movie has is some of the best that you will see all year. I know there have been multiple people who have been considered for the role of Steve Jobs. We heard how Christian Bale had it, but then decided to pass it up due to preparation. After seeing this movie I don’t think I would want anyone else except for Michael Fassbender. While he is absolutely a terrific actor, he gives us the performance of his career as Steve Jobs. He absolutely blew me away with his performance and it’s all I have been able to talk about lately. Even the supporting roles, like Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen are really great. Though I definitely think Rogen was the weakest link, he was still fantastic.

Steve Jobs is arguably the best film this year so far. I know it is still relatively early in the race for the Oscars, but I’m not quite sure if we are going to see a film that is this good. I have to give credit to director, Danny Boyle, who really surprised me. How could someone be surprised when he directed Slumdog Millionaire? Yes, that was a great movie, but I absolutely loved Steve Jobs. This film never fails to have you full engaged an interested. There are never any dull moments in this. If you are a fan of good film, then trust me on this one, Steve Jobs is a movie that you have to go see.

Overall, Steve Jobs is the movie that everyone has been waiting for and it absolutely exceeds expectations. With great writing, directing and fantastic performances, Steve Jobs does everything to prove that it is an excellent film.

Grade= A


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