Knock Knock (2015)

Alright, I’m pretty much done with Eli Roth! Architect, Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) has to spend his father’s day weekend alone when he wife and children are going down the shore because he has to work. While trying to finish up his work, and jam at the same time, two young, attractive women knock on his door and ask to wait for a cab because is raining. Genesis and Bel (Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas) end up spending the night with Evan and everything turns into a dangerous and deadly game of cat and mouse. All Evan tried to do was do a nice thing and let these girls wait for their ride, but now he has to fear and worry for his life.

Where do I begin with this one? This is the second film this year that Eli Roth has released and let me tell you, it is almost as bad as the first one. Knock Knock fully convinced me that I do not like Eli Roth as a director. He did steer away from his typical bloody and gruesome movies with this one though, which was an interesting turn for him. There was really nothing about this movie that interested or entertained me in the slightest bit. For reasons unknown, many people seem to love Eli Roth movies and I cannot figure it out. I can at least say that Knock Knock is slightly better than The Green Inferno. For a movie that should have been fun, Knock Knock does everything it can to disappoint you.

The acting we see in Knock Knock is a complete travesty. What the hell, Keanu? I was always a fan of Neo, but he completely shocked me in this, and not in a good way! You would think Eli Roth found some bum off the street and said he would pay him $20 to make no effort at being the star of my movie. Lorenza Izzo was also in Roth’s last film, The Green Inferno. Even though I despised that movie, I think she was actually decent in that, but after seeing her in Knock Knock, I hope she never acts again. Izzo and Ana de Armas were an absolute trainwreck in this film. I understand the premise of the film is ridiculous, but at least try to put some effort into the acting.

Knock Knock has absolutely nothing that is clever about it. This is a completely boring thriller that has absolutely nothing thrilling about it. I wanted to be on the edge of my seat throughout this entire film, but all I was able to do was laugh at how idiotic and ridiculous this film actually was. The whole entire movie just feels slow, and then when you get to the finale, everything just seems stupid and you wonder why that was the ending. So, I am officially breaking up with watching Eli Roth films. He does absolutely nothing to show me he is capable of making a good, enjoyable film that can spark my interest. I have never been satisfied with any of his films and Knock Knock is one that does nothing but disappoint,

Overall, Knock Knock is another one of Eli Roth’s stinkers that is never able to entertain you at all. This is one I do not recommend and I think that you should absolutely not check it out.

Grade: D


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