Beasts Of No Nation (2015)

In a West African country that is unnamed, a young boy named Agu (Abraham Attah) has a pretty sizable family that he lives with. Everybodys life is starting to get taken over because of the war. Because everyone is very passionate about where they live and come from, they do everything they can to try to make sure the government does nothing to take them away from their land. Once they decide not to leave, Agu is caught up in the middle and has to watch some terrible things happen. Agu’s sister and mother were fortunately able to get out of the area, but Agu has no idea whether or not they will be safe. He had to watch the rest of his family get executed right in front of him and then he takes off running. He soon gets taken in by a group of killers, led by their Commandent (Idris Elba). Commandent takes a liking to Agu and promises to watch over him, but he has to join them and become a cold blood killer. Agu needs to commit many violent acts to prove that he is worth not losing his life.

Even though Netflix is known for fantastic shows like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, I understand why people might be skeptical about this movie. This has been one I’ve been looking forward to seeing for quite some time and it was absolutely awesome. However, it is a film that is filled with many scenes of execution, gore and non-stop violence. If you are someone who can’t handle this sort of thing, then Beasts Of No Nation is probably not one that you will want to see. If you are able to handle this, then this movie is one you absolutely have to check out. Besides it being completely about violence, this movie is actually really good and intriguing.

Fukunaga takes a very authentic look at how this would be if it were real. I think it can be agreed that he is known for being a solid director and he really shows what he can do with Beasts Of No Nation. The whole entire movie is just very depressing and dark. What really makes this a great film is that outstanding performances that we see. Obviously Idris Elba is a fantastic actor and we can see that all the way back from his days on The Wire. What really shocked me was how good Abraham Attah was. I think we are really going to start seeing him in a lot more. I love when we see small, child actors who can really give great performances. I even thought the cinematography was absolutely immaculate.

I think it is safe to say that with the first film that Netflix has released, they absolutely nailed it. With this having such success, we are absolutely going to see a lot more films being made by Netflix. This whole entire movie is just insanely intense and you often have to look away from the screen. My favorite thing about this movie is that the war was shown through the eyes of young, Agu, which takes an interesting view on things because we generally see things through the eyes of adults in these types of movies. Seeing him turn from a happy child to a cold blood killer is absolutely crazy. If you can stomach this, then this is one that you absolutely need to watch.

Overall, Beasts Of No Nation, though often hard to watch, provides a variety of entertainment for you. With great directing, writing, acting and cinematography, Beasts Of No Nation excels in every way.

Grade: B+


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