The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

After a huge battle with a witch many years ago, Kaulder (Vin Diesel) has now become immortal and he is also a witch hunter. Even though Kaulder is about 800 years old, he still has people that he is really close with. Father Dolan (Michael Caine) is kind of like a partner to Kaulder, except for the fact that he does not do the hunting, he just finds the witches. One day, Father Dolan turns up dead and this really bothers Kauder because of how close they have been for years. He needs to get to the bottom of this and find out who has done this to Padre Dolan. Kaulder learns that this is a witch who is out to kill him and will kill anybody who comes in the way of her. He does however, need some assistance with this, so he finds trusted priest, Dolan 37 (Elijah Wood) and close friend, Chloe (Rose Leslie).

Where do I begin with this one? Is the movie awful or did they pull off making an awesome movie out of a ridiculous premise? The answer is that this movie is brutally painful to watch. There is absolutely nothing that is good about this film. It is hard to say that it is even entertaining in the least bit. The Last Witch Hunter lacks in almost every aspect and nothing is enjoyable about this at all. All I got out of this movie was that it was a complete time waster and nothing more than that. It is an absolute travesty that nobody should watch and I sure as hell won’t be sitting through this again. Everything about this movie is completely cheesy and very boring.

The acting in this movie is completely dreadful. For a somewhat strong cast, I was completely amazed at how awful everybody was, especially Vin Diesel. You would think that with all the obnoxious and ridiculous movies that we see Vin Diesel in, he would be better than he is, but sadly we get nothing but lazy and sloppy acting from him. The same goes for Elijah Wood and Rose Leslie. Rose Leslie has been in a few seasons of HBO’s, Game Of Thrones and she was a great character, but with The Last Witch Hunter, she is absolutely atrocious. I am confused as to why she was this bas because of how good she was in the show. And Elijah Wood? I’m just not going to touch on him, just know its pretty terrible.

The Last Witch Hunter should have been a really fun and energetic movie that was awesome, but whenever they could do something fun, they decide to just bore you. Everything about this movie was completely predictable. I found myself losing interest fifteen minutes into the movie. There was nothing that excited you throughout this film. Everything they tried to do was completely over-the-top and ridiculous. I think that if this movie was better it may have gotten a very big following. With a better director, writing and actors, The Last Witch Hunter could have been the next big franchise. Sadly, we will not see that because of how brutally bad this film actually was.

Overall, The Last Witch Hunter seems like it almost purposely tries to annoy you and make you bored. With terrible performances, awful directing and writing, The Last Witch Hunter is an absolute failure that you should erase out of your mind after you see it.

Grade: D


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