The Gift (2015)

Here’s one that has been out for a while I was finally able to see. Simon Callum (Jason Bateman) is a guy who really seems like things are going well for him in life. He has a great job, a beautiful wife, Robyn (Rebecca Hall), and does not have all that much to complain about. After having some marital problems, Simon and Robyn decide it is best to move and have a fresh new start together. After moving back to Simons old town, they run into an old face from the past, Gordon Mosely (Joel Edgerton). After briefly catching up, Simon decides to invite Gordo over for dinner one night. While Gordo is over for dinner, Simon and Robyn quickly see that there is something off about this guy and he is a weirdo. Gordo is constantly leaving gifts on their front door step and some are not your typical gifts. Why is Gordo becoming so attracted to this family? Did something happen in the past to make him want to come back into Simons life?

This is a movie that has been out for quite a while that I was never able to see, but I am definitely glad I was able to check this one out. You may check out the premise for The Gift and think that this is another one of those movies that is going to tell the same exact story as usually and it’s just about some crazy stalker person. Fortunately with this one, Joel Edgerton decided he wanted to zig while others zag. He decided to do something a little different with this and it really worked out well for him. What we see with The Gift is a very smart and complex, psychological thriller that will surprise everybody by how good it actually is. I really felt this was more smart than most psychological thrillers that you will see.

The acting in this movie is another thing that surprised me. I was a little skeptical about Jason Bateman being a lead in this movie because I was unsure as to how he would handle the role of a serious thriller. Needless to say, he gave a really good performance and i would definitely like to see him do some more roles like this. Joel Edgerton, even though he was not on-screen the whole entire movie, still did a great job here. What really made me enjoy The Gift as much as I did was the fact that character development was very sting here. Joel Edgerton decided to really go into depth about these characters and if what happened in their past, as opposed to when you see characters and know absolutely nothing about them.

The Gift is the kind of movie that you want to see from a psychological thriller. We aren’t used to seeing all the messages that are behind movies and I think this does a terrific job of helping people understand what the effects of bullying can do and how it can always catch up with you later in life. This is a really chilling movie and it will make you cringe from start to finish. You never know what to think about this guy and why he is so odd. Edgerton proved to me that he is a great writer, director and can even be a great actor when it is his movie. This is just such a deep and dark thriller and I love every minute of it. This is definitely one of those movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, The Gift is a very smart and complex thriller that Joel Edgerton gives us. With outstanding writing, directing and acting, The Gift turns out to be possibly one of the best thrillers this year.

Grade: B+



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