The Conjuring (2013)

I didn’t know that hide and clap was actually a game that people played, but after seeing this movie, you won’t ever want to! Roger and Carolyn (Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor) are looking for a fresh new start, so they decide to buy a new house for a price that was practically a steal. At first, everything seems to be great. They are having a fresh new start with their five daughters. That is until, everything starts to get weird and creepy with the house. They figure they may have a small, harmless spirit in the house, but when things start turning violent, that is when they need the help of professionals to find out what is exactly wrong with their house. They seek the help of paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga). This is not an easy task for them, especially when there are dangerous demons that are involved. Can Ed and Lorraine help this family, or will people have to lose their lives in the process?

Now that we are one day away from Halloween, I couldn’t think of a better movie to write a review about, especially since this is arguably and most likely the most frightening work of cinema that you will see to date. I am one who gets really scared of horror movies and if I am able to watch scary movies with someone, I always choose to do so. The Conjuring is one that can actually make you tear up by how frightened you actually are. The sounds from this film can make you absolutely petrified. I absolutely love the craftsmanship that we see from this movie. You could say we have seen the same thing done time after time again, but you cannot say that you have seen it made this good.

James Wan has done something with The Conjuring that I have never seen done before. He made the typical haunted house movie where someone needs an exorcism, but he took it to a whole other level and scared the shit out of you. There are dozens of films that tell the same story, but this will just shock you. This is louder, scarier, and way smarter than any other horror movie I have seen. Except for maybe, It Follows, but let’s not even touch on that. The acting in this movie is so believable and this family actually looked scared, which you don’t really see as much from these type of movies. I absolutely loved Farmiga and Wilson here. They made an excellent team.

If The Conjuring could be described in one word, that one word would be: frightening. This movie completely ruined being alone in the house for me. While I should enjoy something like that, I now always think of The Conjuring whenever I hear any noises coming from the house, which is why I now have a dog. Something else I really need to touch on is the writing. There is so much that Wan has to work with here, but the writing makes this the most perfectly written horror flick I have ever seen. People often laugh after they get scared, but if you see The Conjuring, you won’t laugh, you may cry.

Overall, The Conjuring provides what is probably the scariest and most frightening movie you will ever see. With fantastic writing, directing and acting, The Conjuring does everything it can to scare the living shit out of you.

Grade: A


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