The Peanuts Movie (2015)

There’s nothing like a 90 minute episodes of Charlie Brown and the crew. Well, Charlie Brown is back again and things don’t really seem all that different from him then they were. He’s constantly trying things that he is doomed to fail at. When Charlie Brown realizes that a little red-haired-girl moves across the street from him, he wants to try as hard as he can to impress her. While Charlie Brown is caught up with that, His best friend and dog, Snoopy, embarks on his own fantasy journey. With the help of Snoopy and the rest of the gang, Charlie Brown goes on a mission to try to impress the little red-haired-girl from across the street.

Going into this movie I was a little nervous because I did not know if it was going to be a boring disaster, or if it was going to work out. Fortunately for me and the rest of the audience, it absolutely did. This was a movie that had me laughing for almost 90 straight minutes. The whole first hour was fantastic, but then it started to feel like it was dragging on quite a bit, but you look past that very quickly because of how funny and happy this movie actually is. This is going to win at the box-office and it is definitely a movie the whole family can go see. I mean really, who doesn’t love The Peanuts. I’m not even quite sure that I was the target audience for this movie and I probably left just as happy and satisfied as the kids did.

The voices of the Peanuts are always something that everybody knows. Having not heard them for quite a while, once they all started talking in the move, you cannot help but laugh. The thing with this movie is that it seems like a very long episode and I was completely fine with that. Seeing this on the big screen was pretty cool because it brings back a lot of childhood memories watching this cartoon. That is why this was something I enjoyed because I loved it as a child. The greatest thing about The Peanuts is that it actually tells a nice story. Nothing about it was really all that boring.

The Peanuts Movie has been something that has been talked about being made for a long time, and I am finally glad something has been done with it. As I mentioned earlier, this will definitely satisfy people who are fans of Peanuts, and may even draw a whole new crowd. Kids may watch this movie and instantly fall in love with Peanuts. This was really a pleasant surprise that we weren’t watching 90 minutes of a disaster because it often made me wonder if this could be pulled off. Am I saying this was the greatest animated movie? Certainly not, but it definitely showed that it can still put an amusing and interesting charm on your face.

Overall, The Peanuts Movie is one that may not be remembered by everybody, but it is certainly a movie where you can watch with the family and have a bunch of laughs.

Grade: B


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