Spotlight (2015)

When I see things like this, I am really eager to become a journalist. In 2001, journalism really started slowing down due to the internet. The Boston Globe really thought they had a huge story that could save their paper. Their main unit of hard news stories is known as “Spotlight,” and they begin to break out a huge story about priests of Boston that were molesting children and how everything was covered up because of these big lawyers. The lawyers were able to make it look like none of this ever happened. Even though the Spotlight team knows there is a major news story here, a lot of digging still needs to be done to get to the bottom of this. Boston is a major Catholic city and not everyone is agreeing with The Globe here. Even without a lot of help from the people of Boston and the lawyer, this Spotlight team is going to do all they can to make sure that this does not go unnoticed and these priests get what they deserve.

Alright, everybody, Oscar season is right around the corner and it is the best night of the year. 2015 has been yet another fantastic year for film and Tom McCarthy gives us what is most definitely the best picture winner for this year’s Oscars. Spotlight is without-a-doubt the year’s best film and it deserves all the credit it will receive. Not only is Spotlight a fantastic film that is damn-near-perfect, but it is also important. Besides the fact that it tells a story about fantastic journalism, Spotlight does everything it can to make you intrigued and interested. The movie at times may seem a little tough to watch due to the premise, but it’s great to see that a movie like this was made. McCarthy really deserves everything that will come to him from this movie. Even though McCarthy has made some really awful movies in the recent past, he completely blew me away with Spotlight and he made me forget about all the other crappy flicks he’s made.

Movies like this are the main reason why I am such a huge fan of film. It’s the greatest thing in the world to me when I see a movie that does not have anything wrong with it and is absolutely perfect in every way. The acting, writing and directing are absolutely superb and I think this is a movie that could definitely sweep the board at the Oscars. People might think that is wishful thinking, but when you see this movie you will absolutely agree with me. The acting in Spotlight is some of the best you will see all year and do not be shocked if you see Michael Keaton receive an Oscar. Even though we are still waiting on Leo’s performance in The Revenant, I’m fairly certain Keaton has this one. Ruffalo and McAdams were also unbelievable and it only made this movie better seeing these fantastic performances. When I see a cast list like this, I immediately go running to the theater, and I am sure glad I did for this one.

My favorite thing about Spotlight is that not only do you see these journalists doing what they love and excelling at that, but we also see people just wanting to tell the world the truth and make sure justice is served. When you have a genuine interest in what you are doing, good things will happen. With this Spotlight team, they uncovered what was a hard, but unbelievably important story that is now a major deal in the world. Tom McCarthy is trying to give everybody a very important message and he wants people to understand just how serious this is. I really just cannot ask for more out of a movie like this. Spotlight is not only absolutely worth your time to go see even if you are not as big of a fan of film as I am, but it will also make you leave understanding the importance it had. Even though there is a tough race to the finish line for Oscar season, Spotlight is without-a-doubt the best film of the year, and there is absolutely no doubt about it.

Overall, Spotlight not only proves to be a fantastic film that has some of the best filmmaking, writing and acting that you will ever see out of a movie, but it is also a movie that tells an emotional and important story. Seeing a movie like this is the reason why I love them.

Grade: A


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