Creed (2015)

If you thought the Rocky franchise would be ruined from this movie, think again!

Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) has been someone who has been in and out of foster car throughout his entire life due to the fact he’s always been fighting with the other kids. One day, a woman who was the wife of Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) shows up to adopt him and tells him the truth about who he really is. It turns out that Adonis is actually the son of Apollo. As Adonis grows up, he realizes that he wants to become a professional boxer just like his dad, but he wants to go under his name of “Johnson” because he wants to make his own name and doesn’t want people to think of him differently for the name “Creed.” Johnson travels to Philadelphia to track down Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). He wants Rocky to train him to become a professional fighter. Against his wishes, Rocky eventually gives in and helps train Johnson to become a professional boxer and travel to help him fight for the champion of the world.

Creed has been a movie that many people have been looking forward to for quite sometime, but there has been some doubts by a lot of people, including myself. Thank the lord I was wrong about this movie because what appeared to be a lousy, boring old boxing flick, turned out to be one of the more exciting and intriguing films you will see around this time of year. Obviously because I am from Philadelphia, there is a potential bias with the Rocky films, but even if you are not from Philadelphia, you will love this movie. Even though this is the seventh film that you will see in the Rocky franchise, Creed does nothing but excel as an exciting and unbelievable film. It is easy to make the argument that this movie is probably the best we have seen from the Rocky films ever since the release of the first movie.

The acting in Creed is pretty spectacular. Michael B. Jordan is great in pretty much everything he is in and I think we can all say that he is a young actor that everybody should look out for, even though he has done some great work, going all the way back to The Wire. In all of Jordan’s roles, you feel as if he really has a genuine interest in them and really cares about doing a good job. That is exactly what we see from him in Creed. Even though we have seen him in six prior movies, I think it needs to be said that Sylvester Stallone has given one of the best performances of his career, let alone out of the Rocky movies. He was easily the best in this movie and I am very happy about that. I have been overly worried about him lately because I have seen how the last five Rocky films have been. I am not only surprised, but I am thrilled he proved how awesome he can be.

Creed is a movie that is not only a movie that the people from Philadelphia have to see, but it is also a genuinely good sports flick. I really feel confident when I say that Creed was an outstanding sports film because it did absolutely nothing to make me think otherwise. Everything that Coogler did with this film worked and he succeeded at what he was doing. Rocky has always been a series of films that I have watched throughout my entire life, but if someone was to tell me I would enjoy this film as much as I did before seeing it, I probably would have laughed in your face. Fortunately for me and fans of film, Creed does everything in its power to intrigue, entertain and make you say, “that was awesome.” If you are a fan of the Rocky franchise, you’ll absolutely love this. If you are not and are just a fan of movies, you’ll love this just as much.

Overall, Creed will shock all of you by how good it actually is. With powerhouse performances and enough emotion and fight to make you love this film, Creed wins!

Grade: A


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