Legend (2015)

If I had a twin, I think this is what my life would be like.

Reggie and Ronald Cray (Tom Hardy) are identical twins. They do however, happen to be a lot different from each other. They are both gangsters, so they have the same love for money and violence, but other than that, they’re completely different. They never seem to see eye-to-eye with each other regarding almost anything. Ronald is always the more crazy one while Reggie tries to keep the peace with everybody. Ronald seems to be mentally-challenged and always looks for someone to kill and fight. They are however, brothers and that will never change. Even though Reggie hardly ever agrees with decisions that Ronald makes, he still sticks by his side and backs him up with whatever he may need. Ronald could however, cost Reggie’s marriage with the girl he loves, Frances (Emily Browning).

Legend is movie that I’ve been anticipating seeing for quite sometime. Not only because Tom Hardy is the star of this movie, but I felt as if it was going to be very interesting and entertaining. Sadly, I felt that this movie really drug out and did not do all that much to impress the audience. A great portion of this film deals with the Kray twins being these notorious gangsters always getting themselves caught up in shady stuff, but then it starts to take a weird turn and turns into somewhat of a drama. I think that is the biggest problem with this movie. If director, Brian Helgeland just stuck to doing that, I feel as if this movie would be a lot better than it was. Was it a terrible movie? Certainly not, but it had a lot of promise and it just did not deliver in the way that you would want it to.

As you’ve read in the premise, Tom Hardy played two roles in this and I have to say that one was definitely better than the other. His role as Ronald Cray was not only very enjoyable to watch, but he kept us laughing from start to finish. I’m not saying his take on Reggie was all that bad, but whenever Ronald was involved, it was easily a huge scene stealer. Tom Hardy is starting to slowly become one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, and it’s about damn time! I’m really excited we are starting to see him in some really big movies because he is showing the world how good of an actor he actually is. I do however, respect Hardy for doing this role because it has to be tough being asked to play two different characters who are completely different. When someone can do this and pull it off, it really shows how good of an actor that person is. The rest of the cast was relatively fine, but Tom Hardy was easily the best.

Even though Tom Hardy gave really good and entertaining performances in this movie, Legend just could not be the movie that everyone wants it to be. It’s overlong, boring at times and just runs into a lot of problems. When a movie switches its mood and starts to go in another direction, it really bothers me. This movie did not have to become the melodrama that it turned in to. When you start to become very uninterested in a film, it really aggravates you and that is what happens with Legend. This movie just really falls short of being one that everybody will love. If you are going to take something away from this movie, all I can say to you is that the only thing Legend proves and shows you is that Tom Hardy can act. Other than that, Legend is just a dull and boring movie that doesn’t really do anything to impress you.

Overall, Legend is a movie that runs in to a huge mess. It’s incredibly dull and overlong. For what should have been a better movie, Legend leaves you more disappointed than anything else. Just watch this movie for Tom Hardy, he will definitely impress you.

Grade: C


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