In The Heart Of The Sea (2015)

I guess it’s cool to take on a giant whale in order to get paid.

In 1820, the way people needed to get oil is a lot different from what goes on now. Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) is a crewman on a ship with other men. He boards the New England vessel Essex. Chase and the rest of the crew have to fight for their life on this voyage because a whale of mammoth size and strength attacks with force, crippling their ship and leaving them to drift away in the ocean on small boats. After many weeks being on sea and running out of food, the survivors must do some gruesome things in order to keep themselves a live if they have any hope of being found by people. The problem is, while this is all going on, this giant whale never seems to really go away. Hearing this story be told be a crewman, is what the inspiration was for Herman Melville’s novel, Moby Dick.

So who doesn’t want to see a movie about Moby Dick? I sure as heck do. Being somewhat familiar with the back story, I kind of knew what I was getting involved with, but it still was something cool to look at on-screen. In The Heart Of The Sea is not only an entertaining movie at times, but it is also great to look at on-screen. The effects of the whale and when they are out at sea are some really great scenes, but the movie does run into its fair share of problems. I feel that this movie was really long for no reason. This could have easily been cut 30 minutes. Usually I run into a lot of issues with CGI, but I do think they did right with this movie. I also think that a lot of the story is goofy and way too over-the-top. Nothing just really seemed to add up at all. It starts off interesting and you feel that the story is going to be about a captain and his first mate in a rivalry, but it goes nowhere with that.

The acting is another thing I ran into some issues with. I guess I could say that I generally enjoy watching Chris Hemsworth, but for some odd reason, he did nothing that really impressed me in this movie. For someone who is used to playing a badass Thor in the Marvel films, you don’t see any of that. I know it’s two completely different films, but I just don’t think he was the right person for this role. It’s not that the movie as a whole is a terrible movie, because it’s not. What feeling this movie gives you is just one of disappointment. In The Heart Of The Sea really doesn’t have anything wrong with it where you could say it stinks, but there was nothing exciting about it. For a movie that should have given us a lot more to hope for and be impressed by, it really doesn’t do all that much.

In The Heart Of The Sea is a film that somewhat works because of how visually impressive it is. Everything this movie aims for just falls short of what it should be. The finishing product of this movie is not only predictable, but a typical one that everyone expected. The whole entire film was just thoroughly predictable. Having said all that, the good thing about this movie is that even though it is not one that will get you all excited, it will still end up making out okay because of how awesome the effects and few action sequences are. In The Heart Of The Sea tells a story that everyone knows, but the turnout of this film did not do anything to excite the audience. Besides the scenes that involved the whale, the rest of the movie just seemed relatively dull and more boring. If you are in the mood for a movie to go see on a big screen and enjoy some scenes, In The Heart Of The Sea is one that will probably interest you.

Overall, In The Heart Of The Sea is a movie that doesn’t quite live up to what it should, but still provides enough excitement to make it a fine film that some people can enjoy. However, it still does not deliver in the way it should.

Grade: C




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