The Danish Girl (2015)

Pure Oscar-bait!

In the mid-1920s, Danish painter Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne) was considered one of the best artists that was out there. He seemed to really have his life going for him without any struggles. He had a beautiful wife, Gerda (Alicia Vikander) who was also a very good artist herself. They did all sorts of fun things together all the time. They often went out to parties, drank a lot, and never really had any issues. Einar even sometimes models for his wifes paintings dressed in women’s clothing. This all seems like fun and a funny thing to see in the beginning, but all of a sudden, things start to change for Einer. Instead of Einer having fun and wearing women’s clothes for paintings, he is now wearing them out all the time because he feels he has to. Now whenever Einer dresses us. he is only to be called by the name of “Lili.” Einar decides that he wants to become a woman, which is highly frowned upon during this time. Einar feels that he is trapped inside the wrong body and he needs to have something done. Now, a man and his husband are in a real dilemma about what to do, given that she doesn’t want to let her husband go.

The Danish Girl has been a movie that the world have been waiting to see for quite some time. This is a movie that appeared to be nothing, but pure Oscar-bait, and as predicted, it absolutely was. This is the type fo thing that happens every year and this year, The Danish Girl is the winner. While there is nothing all that wrong with this movie, I can’t seem to get out of my head the reason why it was made and that is what bothers me about it. The Danish Girl really does not do a whole lot to leave you unbelievable impressed. It has an important story to tell, and it does just fine doing that, but we aren’t left with all that much to be intrigued about. Given the world we live in today, this is obviously an important topic and one that is happening more and more, but other then unbelievable performances, The Danish Girl is just another one of those movies that is trying so hard for every single Oscar nomination.

Even though this was a movie that I feel like was made for the wrong reasons, I can’t help but deny that the performances we see in this are some of the best that you will see from 2015. Eddie Redmayne is going to be up for his second Oscar nomination. He was the winner last year for The Theory Of Everything and he was great. He was just as good in this movie, but I would definitely like to see the award go to someone else this year, like Leo. If he does end up winning again, I can’t be all that mad because of how good he was, but I want to see them switch it up. He wasn’t the only;y one who was good in this either. I was pretty blown away by the performance that Alicia Vikander gave in The Danish Girl. The way her character developed in this movie was so interesting and she was just flat-out excellent. I really hope to see her get the recognition she deserves for this movie.

The Danish Girl was definitely a well-told film that will probably inspire a lot of people. I really liked how there was kind of two different subjects in this movie. Telling the story about the transgender walking the streets and living her life as a woman, and also the relationship between a husband and wife dealing with this difficult situation. I think the main thing that will have people think this is a great movie is the timing and relevance that it has. I also think that credit needs to go to director, Tom Hooper for this one as well. He’s done some great work and I think this is just another one to add to his list. The thing about The Danish Girl is that there is not all that much to love about it, but it will be something that you admire. If you are thinking about seeing this movie, know that you will see two Oscar nominated performances, but the movie as a whole does not do all that much to make you love it, but you will think it’s good.

Overall, The Danish Girl is well acted, directed, and most importantly, relevant. This is no the greatest movie you will see, but it is something worth checking out and it is also nice to look at on-screen., even if it is just Oscar-bait.

Grade: B



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