Macbeth (2015)

And another Shakespeare adaptation is in the books.

Lady Macbeth (Marion Cotillard) and Macbeth (Michael Fassbender) are married and something definitely seems fishy about their marriage. Having lost a child, the two of them pretty much just turned crazy. They both seem to want different things. Macbeth is all in favor for King Duncan (David Thewlis) being his king, but Lady Macbeth has other ideas on how to get him out of there. She feels that it is time for Macbeth to step up and claim the crown. Macbeth ends up giving into Lady Macbeth’s request and takes Duncan out of the picture. Now Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are the king and queen. After Macbeth claims his throne, he starts losing his mind more and more. This causes his people to give up on him and begin to relocate. Macbeth is not happy about this at all and will do whatever it takes to either have these people stay or they will be executed. Now that almost the whole empire is tired of Macbeth, they all start to form an alliance against him, which could end up with him being killed.

Macbeth is another Shakespeare adaptation that has been made, and quite frankly, it is not all that terrific. Is there all that much wrong with it? Not really, but these Shakespeare adaptations are so hit or miss that you feel like you have seen it done before. There really was not all that much intriguing or unique about this adaptation of Macbeth. That’s not to say that the movie as a whole was bad because it wasn’t. It just does not do all that much to make you love it as much as it aims for. The main problem with this movie is that I feel like it tries way too hard to be the new and awesome Shakespeare adaptation. It may be better than some of the other one’s, but there is just not all that much exciting. Yes, the movie is very violent and it seems to be more violent and gruesome than the other adaptations, which is good because that is how Macbeth is told.

The performances that we see in Macbeth are what really saves the movie. Michael Fassbender really seems to be at the top of his game. He is undoubtedly going to be nominated for an Oscar for his recent role as Steve Jobs. He was absolutely exceptional in that, but with Macbeth he takes on a whole different type of role and he kills it. He is becoming someone to really look out for and now when I hear he is in a film it makes me very excited. Marion Cotillard also gave me the same feeling in this movie. Fassbender and Cotillard together made this movie better than it should have been. The entire movie as a whole was not all that special, but they make the audience really interested in their characters. Seeing these two develop together was what really made you enjoy this movie more than you should have.

The thing that makes these Shakespeare adaptations work so well is that when someone reads a play from Shakespeare, it can be really hard to follow the literature and dialogue. When you see it on-screen it is a lot different, and since Shakespeare plays have such a huge cult, people will run to the theaters to check out the movies. Macbeth can also get really confusing at times, but you do hang in there and everything begins to connect with each other. I did enjoy the screenplay and I al think that the cinematography is quite spectacular in this film, but I am still not all that excited about what I watched. I’m not sure if it will take me another watch or something, but for now, I was just not all that much impressed with it, other than the spectacular performances. What Macbeth had going for it was that it was gory as hell and often disturbing. This is exactly what you want to see out of an adaptation of Macbeth.

Overall, Macbeth reaches what it aims for because of two unbelievable performances, but it still falls short of being anything sensational. It sometimes becomes way too hard to follow and can be boring and over-the-top.

Grade: C


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