Sisters (2015)


Kate and Maura Ellis (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) are two sisters that really seem to get along well with each other. They both are different in many ways, but they never really ever forgot about their family and where they came from. Kate is now the type of person who is a party-person. Maura on the other hand, is someone who really has her career going for her and has her priorities in order. After much time apart from one another, Maura and Kate return home to clean their room out because their parents decided to sell the house. For years Maura and Kate always had big parties and a lot of fun in that house. Given that they only have a few days left before the new movers are in, Kate and Maura decide to throw one last bash with everyone they went to high school with. The bad thing about this is that this party is not like an adult party with wine and cheese everywhere. Instead, there is drugs, liquor, and tons of beer.

Before seeing Sisters, I was a little skeptical about how this would turn out. I knew that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler together would probably be something good to see because those two are always great together, but I still had an unpleasant feeling in my stomach. Happily I can say that this is probably the funniest movie you will see in 2015. Sisters is a little too long, but you quickly look past that because so much of the movie is insanely funny. Another thing about this movie is that it has an R rating, and definitely for the right reasons. This is a very raunchy comedy that gives you plenty of vulgar and disgusting moments. Just know that going into it, but also, don’t let that hold you back from going to see it because the movie itself is an absolute riot of a comedy.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the main reason why this movie works as well as it does. The two of them together are pretty much like peanut butter and jelly with this movie. Not only do the two of them have great chemistry together, but they also seem like they just know what they are doing when it comes to being funny. The sitcoms the two of them were in were absolutely hysterical and we definitely see in Sisters how funny they are. Casting the two of them together was not only genius, but it made the movie as a whole work so much more than it would have if other people were casted. I do however, need to say that my favorite actor in this movie was Bobby Moynihan. Not only was he ridiculously hysterical, but every single scene he was in, he was an absolute scene stealer.

Not only do the actors make sure this movie is a winning comedy, but the premise itself is really funny. I’m very glad this turned out to be hysterical as opposed to being a disaster, which it very well could have been. I think more of the credit has to go to director, Jason Moore because not only was the casting incredible, but he made sure this movie was going to be downright funny. And that it definitely was. I feel like the past few years have not been all that terrific for funny movies, but I feel like Sisters can now spark something new with comedy and inspire some directors to take risks, like this one did. If you are hesitant about seeing this movie, don’t be, but it is probably not one you want to see with your children.

Overall, Sisters is a powerhouse comedy that will make you laugh your butt off from start to finish. Even though it is a little too long, it is still a comedy that everyone will enjoy and constantly laugh at.

Grade: B


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