The Revenant (2015)

After much-needed recovery, here’s my review.

In the 1820s, Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) leads a group of fur-hunters to look for fur to bring back. Most of these guys are just doing this so they can bring back a little money for themselves, even though they aren’t making all that much to begin with. The problem with all this is that they are working in some of the worst conditions anyone could ever ask for. Things start to go downhill for the group when Glass becomes attacked by a wild bear, which leads him unable to walk, or even move any part of his body. This means he is now unable to lead the group. After Glass starts to slow up the group and could put their lives in danger, a huntsman named John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) decides that they need to leave him to die or they could end up losing their lives. Now, Glass is going to try to get his revenge on Fitzgerald for what he did to him and how he convinced the others to leave him for dead. Another problem Glass faces on this journey is that Indians are on the hunt to get revenge on what he and the rest of the fur-hunters did to them.

The Revenant is probably the number one film that most of the world has been waiting to see, especially those getting ready for the Oscar’s. For starters, The Revenant is insanely brutally violent and disturbing that you will be ready to run out of the theater. Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu really surprised the world last year with Birdman, but he does so much more with The Revenant. Besides the entire movie being incredibly violent, it may be one of the most beautiful films to look at. If this does not win the Oscar for cinematography, I don’t know what to think about the Academy. I loved how Alejandro was not hesitant at all about what he wanted to do with this movie. The story was brutal, and he wanted to do everything he could to make you see it that way. I was glad I had the chance to see this early because it will definitely take a long time for a viewer to digest this movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio has not won an Oscar. Is that acceptable? Absolutely not, but I think it is safe to say that he definitely has that locked up this year with his role as Hugh Glass. I do not think this was his best performance ever, but he definitely proved that he is Oscar deserving with this role. He has been snubbed so many times that it is almost impossible for the Academy to not give it to him this year. Another actor from this movie that I am scared could get snubbed out of a nomination is Tom Hardy. I love watching that guy act, and with The Revenant, he gives the best performance of his career. Not only is this an incredible film, but Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio only further secure why everything about this film is perfect. The two of show some terrific performances that will probably be talked about for a long time. DiCaprio definitely deserves the Oscar, but I would love to see Hardy get the nomination.

The Revenant is definitely not a film that is for the whole family, especially since it came out on Christmas. Having said that, it is still an absolute must-see if you can hang in there with a brutally violent film. The main thing that could be intimidating to some people is the length. The Revenant is almost three hours long, but honestly it did not even feel it. When a movie is that good, it definitely makes you feel like length does not even matter in the least bit. For a movie that is so violent, I feel like everything about this movie worked and worked very well. This is not your typical movie that will necessarily make you happy when its over, but for a lover of film, The Revenant does everything in its power to impress you and convince you that you just saw an outstanding film. Yes, this is a movie that will leave you with many thoughts about what to think, but when it’s all said and done, you will absolutely know that you just saw an amazing work of film.

Overall, The Revenant is an outstanding film that is filled with terrific acting, directing and one of the best movie-experiences you will ever sit through. This is definitely another one in the books for the great Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

And remember, this is a film that is very tough to get through, but is absolutely still worth seeing. Two thumbs way up from Bobby W.

Grade: A


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