Pearl Jam Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center

After three years of waiting for the return of Pearl Jam, they came back to Philadelphia and rocked harder than ever. Veteran Seattle rockers, Pearl Jam, returned to Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to play for two sold-out crowds on back-to-back nights. This tour marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the band. Not only are they one of my favorite bands, but it really is great to be able to see them on both nights because they always surprise you with something new every show. The setlist is never the same for the most part and it really varies from show to show. Pearl Jam played for three hours straight at each show. On Friday, April 29, Pearl Jam marked their tenth consecutive sell-out in the Wells Fargo Center. I guess they felt it was their obligated to do something special for the fans, and they certainly did just that. As a way to give thanks to the fans, Pearl Jam decided to play Ten in its complete entirety.

The second show in Philadelphia on April 29, marked the tenth consecutive sell-out in the Wells Fargo Center for Pearl Jam, which resulted in the arena honoring them with a banner that shows 10 and Pearl Jam. They also have this for Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, but Pearl Jam has a long way to go before they catch up to them. It was really easy to figure out what Pearl Jam was doing by the third song when they played “Alive.” Typically when they play this song it would be towards the end of the show, but when we heard this as the third song in, the crowd started going nuts because they knew what was happening. Not only is this the most successful and probably best album that the band has made, but it was only the second time they have performed it in its entirety over the course of twenty-five years. This is probably the only time I will be able to see this from the band, but never say never.

So after an hour into the show and Pearl Jam fans have nearly lost their voices from singing every song on Ten, the band decided they needed to still throw a lot more hits into the setlist. They did this by immediately playing “Corduroy.” This is a song that is easily a crowd favorite and as soon as Eddie Vedder began strumming his guitar the crowd immediately went insane and began singing. This is not even half of the concert that we are through and every person in the audience could easily leave that show completely satisfied. I have been to many Pearl Jam shows and I can easily say this has been the best one that I have been to. Besides playing almost every song of Pearl Jam that you would want to hear, they even managed to squeeze in some covers as well. Songs like “Baba O’Reilly” and “Last Kiss” were played which immediately brought the house down.

If you are someone who is a fan of Pearl Jam you can easily understand what makes their concerts so special. They are a band that really makes sure you do not leave disappointed. There is a reason they are voted as one of the greatest bands to see live. It is extremely rare to see an album played in its entirety by Pearl Jam, but that does not mean you will be disappointed if they do not do that. If you have the opportunity to catch them on one of their remaining tour dates, I strongly recommend to do so. If you have to wait for the next tour, trust me and hang in there because it is very much worth it.

Concert Rating: 10/10


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