The Conjuring 2 (2016)

After much speculation of the Amityville case being real or a hoax, people want to know if Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are really truthful paranormal investigators or if this is one big lie. After years of different cases, Ed and Lorraine decide that it may be nice to go into early retirement. Lorraine feels that everything she has done has really taken a toll on her and it is time for the both of them to stop. However, things immediately change when they hear the news of a family in England who is desperate for their help. This is something Lorraine did not want to do, but they feel they have an obligation to do this and it is the main reason they met in the first place. Ed and Lorraine may be up for their toughest and most frightening case yet and Lorraine seems to find her self battling with more evil spirits as the cases go on.

When you go back to 2013 and you think of the first Conjuring film the immediate response is that it was extremely frightening. The very first movie could arguably go down as the most scariest film ever made. Going into this film there was much speculation about whether or not they could actually pull off another good horror movie that not only just makes you jump, but actually makes you feel as if the people being haunted are you. Luckily for all horror fans The Conjuring 2 did everything in its power to try to be just as good as the first movie and really succeeded in doing so. Director, James Wan has pulled off another great horror film that will have people talking for years. I think Wan has really found his niche with horror films. After the original Insidious did so well, he figured it was time for better and scarier films, and he recently made two great one’s.

The main thing I love about this movie is that it stuck close to how the first one was told, but not the same type of story at all. The movie just gets more and more frightening by the scene. It is a constant buildup of horror and throughout the entire movie you cannot help but feel anxiety while in the theater. This is what really gets people with this movie because it really does a great job of the build-up. Wan does not just go for your simple jumpy scenes. There have only been two films I have seen in theaters that have actually flat-out bothered me after the movie and The Conjuring 2 is one of them. Another thing that is great about this movie is that James Wan proved with a different story and trying a different approach that he is not trying to do the same thing or shoot to make the same movie over and over again.

Another great thing about this movie is that everything that goes on is really unpredictable. There is never much that happens where you say that you knew that was coming because Wan will throw anything he can at you. Something else that makes this a really good film is that Wan focused on my favorite thing in a movie and that is character development. You really get a feel for who these people are and I think they did a great job with doing this. Even though the movie is a tad overlong, it is perfectly fine because I promise you will be scared throughout. If you are a fan of horror or just simply looking for a movie to see that will scare the hell out of you, then The Conjuring 2 is definitely your movie and I am not sure if we will ever see movies that are scarier than one’s like this.

Overall, The Conjuring 2 provides a movie going experience like none other. With an absolutely frightening film and a film that has a really good and interesting premise, The Conjuring 2 lives up to all the hype the first movie has and may be just as good if not better.

Grade: A


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