Blair Witch (2016)

Twenty years after Heather Donahue went missing in the woods of Burkittsville, Maryland, new video footage surfaced of her death. Her brother and his friends decide that they want to go do a little exploring in the woods to find out where this video was found, and also if there is a chance that Heather could still be alive. Not only are they interested in seeing if Heather is still alive, but they also would like to find out if this Blair Witch stuff is a bunch of hocus pocus or if the witch is real and does haunt those woods. After spending a few nights in the Burkittsville woods, they all eventually find out what it was they were really looking for.

The original Blair Witch Project is without-a-doubt one of the all-time classics of the horror genre and there is no way that is going to change. That is why when you hear they are doing some sort of remake with this movie you think that it will be a total disaster given the fact that this is just how these things work. Sadly, if you predicted this movie to be a disaster, then you are absolutely right. The Blair Witch Project introduced the found-footage idea for a movie and it really excelled at doing that. Unfortunately this is now becoming a very common thing with horror movies and after having the feeling that this has to go, Blair Witch really reassured me. Not to say that it has not worked in the past with horror movies, but enough is enough. This was one of the major issues I had with this film, but another one that I can’t wrap my mind around is why they decided to make this movie. The answer is simply to make money. People need to start understanding that you can still make a lot of money even if the movie is good.

Blair Witch seemed like it did not try hard at all to be a good film and it definitely showed. After the original film having such success, you would think that in order to make this movie it would have to be as good or almost as good. As predicted, it falls short of even coming close to the original. And also, horror movies can still be bad and have enough frights in it to really scare you, but that is another problem about this movie. It just is simply not all that scary. I think the entire film was predictable from beginning to end, especially the scares. You could see everything coming from a mile away and it really put a damper on the film. After a good while of knowing this movie was going to be made, I was really excited to see it. This is just one that you really should skip and never watch. It is one of those remakes that makes you wish the first film was nonexistent.

The major problem with this movie is that it was just completely unnecessary to make. I understand that these studios want to make money and all, but you’ve got to be kidding me with this one. This was nothing, but a poor excuse of a movie. Now I want to talk about the similarities between both films. Everything about this movie makes you feel like you are rewatching the original film, but the reboot is just terrible. They went for the exact same thing because they felt they needed this movie to be a crowd pleaser, which it was far from. You just feel like nothing is different with this movie and they never try anything new. How much longer are we really going to be able to put up with these crappy, horror remakes and reboots? It is the same song and dance with all of these movies and Blair Witch is another perfect example of why these kinds of movies never work well.

Overall, Blair Witch was only made with one intention in mind, which is try to make as much money as the studio can and not care if this is a terrible movie. That is all you see and get from this movie. Nothing about it is different or even scary for that matter. If you have already seen this film then you understand, but for those that haven’t, this is one you should absolutely skip.

Grade: D


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