All Good Things (2010)

Not quite The Jinx, but still could have been better.

Heir to his father’s real-estate dynasty, David Marks (Ryan Gosling) meets a young girl named Katie (Kirsten Dunst). Katie see’s David for who he really is in life, and not just for the money that he comes from. After David and Katie marry, they plan on starting a great life together and having a family. Soon enough their marriage begins to become worse and worse and slowly fall apart. After Katie disappears, eyebrows raise when people think that David could be behind this. Now people are starting to realize that there may really be something wrong with David.

All Good Things came out a few years before The Jinx, so I figured since I loved that so much I had to give this a look. I’m kind of sorry that I did because there is absolutely no comparison between the two whatsoever. This film is not only boring throughout, but they wait to get into all the detailed stuff of what Durst did at the end. All Good Things is a movie that really disappoints and it is clear as to why director, Andrew Jarecki felt that he needed a second shot to get this story right. What really attracts me to this is that the story is so interesting and you don want to know that this story is told and that justice is served. All I would change with this movie is the pace it is told at. As mentioned above, Jarecki waited far too long to really get to how dangerous and messed up Durst really was.

The acting in this movie is something I would like to talk about as well. I really did not think that Ryan Gosling was the right person for this role. At first I maybe thought that it was going to work out, but as they got to the scenes where Durst was aging, it showed that it just did not work. Not to say that Gosling is not a good actor, but nonetheless, I feel as if there were far better options for this film. Dunst was somebody who I can’t really get a grip on with this movie. Her character was really weird and I could not fully figure out how the character was meant to be played so it is a little hard for me to give an opinion in her. And then on top of those two, Jarecki decides to throw Nick Offerman in there and that really just throws me off because he is only Ron Swanson in my eyes. The entire film just had a really odd cast and it’s really hard to try to convince yourself that they go well together.

All Good Things must come to an end, and that is how you really feel about this movie. Not that it is an awful movie, but it is just one that you say, okay let me see what else is on. If this is a story that you are interested in then it is worth checking out. After seeing The Jinx I knew that I had to eventually watch this movie, but I did not quite expect it to be as disappointing as it was. What you really want to see out of this movie is the direction that it is aiming to go, and there is no way of really telling where it is going to go if you are not familiar with the story. I feel as if Jarecki wasn’t quite sure how he wanted to tell the story of the Durst family with this movie. He got it right the second time with The Jinx, but definitely not in this movie. All Good Things is just a movie that tells an interesting story, but goes absolutely nowhere and leaves you thinking how things could have possibly jumped from one thing to the other.

Overall, All Good Things doesn’t tell the story of Robert Durst like we want it to, but at the end of the day there is still enough energy from this movie for it to be tolerable. And I said, not quite The Jinx, but we will deal with it.

Grade: C


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