Self/Less (2015)

Here’s one that just came out yesterday that I was able to check out. Billionaire Damian Hall (Ben Kingsley) is one of the most richest men on the planet. He seems to have the perfect life and not a worry in the world because of the fact that he has all this money. He does, hover, have a pretty bad relationship with his daughter, Claire (Michelle Dockery). Damian is currently suffering from something that will take his life very quickly: cancer. Because Damian has all this money, he finds someone who get give him “shedding,” which means that his consciousness will be transferred to another body. After the procedure is finished, Damian, who is now called Edward (Ryan Reynolds), is now walking the streets of New Orleans. It turns out that this new body is from someone who had a whole life before he donated the body and Damian starts to have flash backs and see what kind of life this guy actually had.

I do not really trust Ryan Reynolds movies. I never have and probably never will again after sitting through what felt like four hours of a boring movie with poor writing and bad directing. Self/Less is a movie that I never really want to watch again. I found myself bored throughout the entire film and nothing about it excited me or made me enthused in the least bit. I just thought that this would be a movie that turned out to be awesome because of the premise, but I was absolutely wrong again and I feel as if I wasted my time with this one. The first twenty minutes were pretty cool, but the movie went absolutely nowhere and even when it tried, it started to make no sense and just get completely over-the-top.

As I mentioned earlier, Ryan Reynolds is someone who I do not really trust in the acting world. He never really shows me he is capable of playing a big character in a serious drama or an action film. He was nothing but a disappointment in this film and I think it would have turned out a little better if someone else was casted. My biggest issue with Ben Kingsley is that he is only in this movie for about 10 minutes. They made him out to be this huge character and he is barely in it. With all the actors involved, I just think that there are way too many dull and bad performances. This movie should have been a lot smarter than it actually was and I couldn’t find one smart thing about it.

Self/Less is the type of movie that you can’t wait for it to come out because the idea behind it is so cool and fascinating, but it leaves you with complete disappointment because of poor writing and terrible acting. These are the two main issues I found with this movie. This could have been an awesome action/thriller, but it doesn’t know which one it wants to be and gets caught up taking the audience in all types of different directions that are hard to follow. There was just really nothing that was intelligent with this movie at all and there was nothing really enjoyable for me. This is one I do not recommend and if you want to check it out, then do so at your own risk, but prepared for boredom and disappointment.

Overall, Self/Less is a movie that could have been a lot better than it was. There is some poor acting and writing in this movie. Even though there is an interesting plot, the movie fails.

Grade= D (Bad)


The D Train (2015)

Here’s a movie that just came out today. Dan Landsman (Jack Black) is the chairman of his high school alumni committee. While it is coming up on the both reunion since he graded high school, he wants everyone to RSVP. This is hard because every time he calls people, no one remembers him or they just simply don’t want to go. He feels he needs something huge to convince everyone to come. When he watches television one night, he notices that the coolest guy in high school, Oliver Lawless (James Marsden) is in a huge commercial that is all over tv. Dan wants to get Oliver to come to the reunion so everyone else will want to come. Dan needs to travel to L.A. to convince him to come. While Dan is out there, the two of them party it up and live the dream for the weekend and Dan starts to think that there is a potential serious friendship forming.

The D Train is a very dark comedy that really did not seem all that funny to me. While it did have the occasional laugh, I think that it just was not a laugh out loud comedy the whole movie. I think The D Train started getting a little over-the-top with scenes. To me, it just feels like the movie started running out of ideas of what would be funny and it just started to get very sentimental, which did not work. They tried getting very sentimental towards the second half of the movie and I think that if they steer cleared of doing that, it would have worked out better for the movie. I think this is a movie that had some serious potential, but I didn’t see them do anything with it because of the lack of humor and over-the-top sentimental scenes.

I actually have to I thought some of the acting in this movie was pretty great. Jack Black could have done a little better, but I could not get enough of James Marsden. I thought that he was absolutely awesome and hysterical in this. Jack Black just wasn’t his usual self in this and that really made me upset because I think that when Jack Black is in his right element, he is absolutely hilarious. I just didn’t see that with this movie and I really wish that he could have been better in this. I also loved how they brought Ned Scheenbly into this movie and it was a little reunion between him and Dewey Finn. But acting overall, not all that great and I wish director, Andrew Mogel would have done some things different with this.

The D Train is nothing more than a goofy, comedy that got released just to try to make a lot of money because of the big names that are in it. I can’t really figure out which direction they tried to take with this movie because it really tries to be funny from the start, but then tries overly hard to get serious and sentimental. It just did not work and I felt as if I walked away from this movie with much more disappointment then I did satisfied. The only interesting character that we see in this movie is James Marsden. He really pulled this role off and the rest of the characters left us bored with them and we couldn’t wait to see more of James Marsden. This was just an incredibly dark and dull comedy that didn’t really work.

Overall, The D Train is a movie that is occasionally funny and doesn’t really know if it is trying to make you have a heartfelt moment or make you laugh. This movie was pretty dull and I hope Jack Black does better with his next movie.

Grade= D (Bad)

Get Hard (2015)

Looks like Will Ferrel is the new Adam Sandler! We meet James King (Will Ferrel), a wealthy businessman who is convicted of tax evasion and embezzlement. James did not commit these crimes. His lawyer gives him a plea agreement that will help keep him out of prison for a long time. James decides that he does not want to take the plea because he things the judge will know he did not do this. James decides to go to trial and it does not work out well for him. He is sentenced to ten years at a state prison. James now knows that prison will be very hard for him because he is a rich, white man who knows that he will be horribly abused in prison. James needs some help on how he can survive in prison. He gets the man who washes his car, Darnell (Kevin Hart). Darnell is black and James immediately makes the assumption that he has been to prison before. Darnell has never been to prison a day in his life, but James offers him $30,000 to teach him how to survive there. Darnell knows he cannot pass that kind of money up. Darnell starts to realize that James may be innocent after all and they start to form a bit of a friendship.

Get Hard is a movie that a lot of people were really looking forward to. I know I was definitely one of those people, but I wish I wasn’t. I went into this movie with a lot of high hopes and left completely disappointed. I thought the movie started off very funny, but once they got very into training to survive in prison, it just got less and less funny. I thought Will Ferrel was very bad in this. Maybe his hayday is done and over with, which is very upsetting because he used to be one of my favorite actors. Kevin Hart, as funny as he is, was even pretty bad in this movie. I don’t think that with two very funny people, this movie should have been as bad as it was.

This is the first movie that director, Etan Cohen has directed and it definitely showed. He is more well-known for being a writer. He is the writer of Tropic Thunder, which I really liked. The major thing that starts to fade away from this movie is the most important part, the humor. It just lacks so much of it. I really think this movie could have been way funnier than it was. It almost seemed like it was more about the two just getting a long and becoming best buddies. I did not want to see a movie about two people forming a friendship. I just wanted to go and laugh my ass off at these two funny guys. Sadly, I was not able to do that.

Get Hard is a movie that just goes for the typical racial and vulgar comedy, but they become very repetitive and overused. I like when movies have all that, but they should try to stir up some new jokes and not just rely on the same stuff throughout. That is what I felt this movie did. This movie just becomes very hard to sit through at times and you just wish it would end about an hour in. The last thirty minutes are pretty painful to get through. I definitely do not recommend this movie for you to go to theaters and see. If you want to watch it, wait until it comes out on Netflix. I wouldn’t even pay for this if I were you.

Overall, Get Hard is a movie that starts off pretty funny, but then just gets lazy and boring. This has very poor writing and acting.

Grade= D (Bad)

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014)

Wanna see an awesome action packed movie? This is one for you! If you are a fan of the first one you will absolutely love this. This one is set ten years after the first one ends and most of civilization is completely wiped out. The apes are finally able to live in the wilderness where they  belong. The apes have resided there for quite some time and they get sight of humans still living in the city and they feel they may need to act on this. The leader of the apes, Caeser (Andy Serkis) does not want to start a war wight them. He tells the humans that as long as they stay on their side of the bridge there will be no war. There is one problem with this. There is a generator that can bring back all the power in the city, but this is located right where the apes are living. Caeser is not happy about this, but one of the humans, (Jason Clarke) is able to connect with Caeser and let them know that the two of them can work together without anyone being harmed. One ape, Koba, (Toby Kebbell) does not like how Caeser is handling the situation this way and he decides to do something that will make him leader of the apes. Koba decides it’s time to go to war with the humans.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is an incredibly awesome movie. You have no idea who you are rooting for in this movie. This is not a movie of right versus wrong or good versus bad. This is a movie where the act is definitely the enemy. Caeser and the humans do not want to go to war with each other. As soon as Koba took over, everything changed and all the apes had to listen to what he said. In its delivery of these ideas, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes gives us something that is very impressive.

It was incredible to see how the computers were able to make the apes look so realistic for what was not an animated movie. While watching this movie you feel as if you are the humans on earth. This is a re- boot that was done correctly and it may even be considered almost as good as the Dark Knight trilogy, but that is a whole other argument. The motion- capture of movies just keeps getting better and this was a perfect movie to notice it. Everything just looked too real and it was awesome.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is something that has the audience amazed and wanting to see more. I can’t wait to see where they decide to go with the next one. This is a series that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Overall, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is a movie you have to see the first one to better understand why all of this is happening. This movie was a summer blockbuster that makes an awesome movie watching experience. Two thumbs up!

Grade= A- (Awesome!)