Creep (2015)

Aspiring film-maker, Aaron (Patrick Brice) is willing to take any amount of work in the field as he can because things aren’t really going according to plan as he thought they would. Things start to finally look better for Aaron when he gets a phone call from someone looking for a film-maker. Aaron is very excited because this could finally be his opportunity to make some money and do what he loves. When a man named Josef (Mark Duplass) wants to have a film made for his son because he is dying of cancer, Aaron jumps all over this. He wants his son to see things that he did and show him how great of a guy he was. Aaron has to film his every move for a few days. After things start to get a tad weird, Aaron ends up in something that he never expected and yes, it is definitely creepy.

This is a movie that I have been looking forward to for quite sometime and oh boy was it worth it. I love horror movies and I am often a fan of the found-footage genre, even though it has not been all that great the past few years. With Creep, it definitely was the right move. I think that this being a found-footage film made it so much better. I know the name of this movie is Creep, but the movie was definitely creepy. Everything about this film has you nervous, worried and scared. I think this is a very smart horror flick that takes everyone by surprise. For something that doesn’t seem like it would be all that scary, it definitely is. This is just so incredibly disturbing and I love it.

The acting in this is great. The whole entire movie is just these two guys and nobody else. I’ve always been a fan of Mark Duplass and I think he’s always done great work. In Creep, you see just how good he actually is and he gives probably the best role of his career so far. As far as Patrick Brice goes, I have not seen The Overnight, but I hear he is excellent in that. I’ll tell you what, after watching Creep, I can’t say I’m surprised. He played the concerned and “creeped” out guy in this that didn’t know whether or not to feel safe or unbelievably concerned. The two of them together were just great in this and I loved them. They were extremely believable and that’s what the best thing about them was.

Creep is the kind of smart horror film that takes everybody by surprise. I had no idea that this was going to be as good as it was and it turned out to be my favorite horror film of the year, behind It Follows. This has been an unbelievable year for the horror genre and Creep just adds on to the greatness of this year. The greatest thing about this movie is that it definitely proves that with such a small budget, you can make wonders out of what you have to work with. And that’s exactly what Creep does. With only two people, a small budget and great people behind it, Creep proves to be the horror film that will have everyone loving it. This is definitely one I recommend for all you horror fans because you will be overly impressed.

Overall, Creep is the kind of horror movie that you want to see because it’s incredibly smart, and an absolute clever found-footage movie that will have you entertained, scared and intrigued. Two thumbs way up from me!

Grade= A 


The Lazarus Effect (2015)

Here’s a movie that just came out that I had a chance to see the other day. We meet a married couple who are very intelligent scientists. Their names are Frank and Zoe (Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde). They have figured out how to make a serum that brings dead people back to life. They are pretty much playing the role of God. They first try the serum on a dog. They give it a couple of tries and it works. The problem is that this dog is not acting like a normal dog. There is something seriously wrong and strange about this dog. What was once a nice and lovable dog, has now turned into Cujo. They have plans to look further into this and try to figure out what is wrong with the dog, but it has been decided to shut down the operation because they are doing some illegal work. Before everything gets taken, they sneak back into the lab and try to finish the study. When they do this, Zoe is electrocuted and Frank decides he does not want to lose his wife. Because the serum worked on the dog, he decides to try it on Zoe. Once Zoe wakes, it is clear that this serum has some terrible effects that was unknown about.

The Lazarus Effect is a movie that I was looking forward to seeing for quite some time. Sadly, this movie was more of a disappointment than an enjoyable one. This was a perfect example of a movie with a perfectly good premise that goes absolutely nowhere. The first half of this movie was pretty good, but then it just transitions into the same thing that we have seen so many times from different horror movies. All the scares from this movie you can predict. I thought this movie would bring something different, but sadly, it did not.

This movie had a very likable cast. Mark Duplass is awesome in everything and I loved that he was going to be in this movie. Olivia Wilde is even starting to really make a name for herself. I just thought this movie had some serious potential, but went absolutely nowhere with it. It was a repetitive movie with all the predictable jumpy scenes. The writing of this movie and also the directing was pretty terrible. I really thought something different would have been brought to the table with The Lazarus Effect, but it just left us watching the same movie we have already seen so many times.

The Lazarus Effect is a movie that probably should have went straight to DVD. I can say that even the predictable jumpy scenes did make me jump. I’ll give it the credit there, but I am one who always jumps at scenes like that no matter what movie it is. You know well in advance what is coming and it can still make you jump. Even with saying all that, the movie had so many weaknesses that it is very hard to give this movie a positive review. I would recommend this to someone who is not a fan of horror movies and is just looking for a movie to get scared. This will do the trick.

Overall, The Lazarus Effect is a movie that screwed up another good premise and went absolutely nowhere with it. Absolutely nothing but dull acting and predictable scares that you have seen many times before.

Grade= D (Bad)

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Looking for a movie that is awesome and tells a great story? This might be one you want to check out. Dan (Jason Clarke) and Maya (Jessica Chastain) are looking to find where they can send Navy Seals to find and assassinate the man responsible for 9/11 and a lot of other terroristic attacks, Osama bin Laden. He has been hiding for years and the CIA has had about enough of searching for him. They now think they have a lead on something when they capture a terrorist who is able to give them some details regarding Osama’s whereabouts. The CIA will do whatever they can to capture this asshole.

This is a story that we all know well. Hollywood decided it was time to make a movie about it. Director, Kathryn Bigelow shocked us again. After winning the Oscar for The Hurt Locker, Kathryn gave us something that might be just as good. This is a story that everyone is interested in and wanted to know about. What Kathryn brought to the screen was just awesome. The story behind this one is a very satisfying one. The movie is another one that makes you proud to be an American.

Zero Dark Thirty was one of my favorite movies that come out in 2012. That was a pretty solid year for movies, but this one was just awesome. The acting in this is superb and they really put a lot of heart into their roles. Everyone wanted to see this man dead. The final scene with the Navy Seals busting in the house is awesome and very nerve wrecking to watch. You just want to see them come out on top and finish this guy.

Zero Dark Thirty is a movie that gives us a great story of the assassination of bin Laden, but also is a great story of letting us know how hard the CIA worked to make sure they wouldn’t screw up their one chance of getting to him. There was a lot of preparation done to ensure victory in their pursuit to get him. This is a movie that makes you proud to be where you are from and know that even though it took long to get him, we still came out as the winner.

Overall, Zero Dark Thirty is an exciting movie and one that makes you say, “that was awesome.” I definitely recommend watching this. It has some brutal scenes, but it’s well worth watching. Two thumbs up!

Grade= A- (Awesome!)